Friday, January 11, 2008

Thoughts on a Friday

Ok, this has got to be the funniest football funny ever. I laughed so hard, and I even made it my wallpaper. :) If you can't see it well, just double-click it to open it larger. It is too funny. SEC! SEC!
Now, on to my next topic. Lean Cuisine French Bread Pepperoni Pizzas. They are not quite as good as the black pepper popcorn, but they are close. I love pizza, and these give me the closest feeling to "normal" pizza of anything. They are really good. I am not sure how much different they are in calories and fat that normal french bread pizzas, but it is only 290 calories and 8 grams of fat. It is surprisingly filling and so yummy. It doesn't taste or feel like diet food. The Margherita Pizza by Lean Cuisine is also pretty good.
Blended families are challenging. Of course, I love Mike, and I love the kids. I am thankful that the kids get along so well. However, I will say that it has to be one of the most challenging situations that there can be. As if families aren't challenging enough, when you add different beliefs, different pasts, different rules, and add the fact that they are with you some of the time and with another whole belief system some of the time, it is interesting. For example, you might feel that you can make a difference, but then the child goes to the other house and gets a totally different outlook on things.
Lastly, I am realizing day after day how much the right organization helps productivity, morale,and efficiency. With the same people, the right structure really makes a difference. Also, I think having a strong leader makes a big difference more because they will enforce processes than anything else. If you give detailed instructions and goals, I think most people will try really hard to do a good job. If you just say to work hard, they will do something but not necessarily strive for the best.

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