Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My eee PC Review - One Week in

I LOVE IT! I heart it. It is my favorite toy. It ROCKS! It is HOT!

I got my eee pc a week ago, and as you can see from the line above it is amazing. It is SO light. I have taken it on a 3 day business trip in which I did not need my larger laptop. I took notes on it. I worked on spreadsheets and documents, and I surfed the web a lot. I also got a Sprint mobile air card. I love it except for the fact that it sticks out too far from the laptop (it is usb based). I IM'd on the eee. I did oovoo on the eee (oovoo itself is pretty hot), and I even sent my hubby a love note via video. I even downloaded itunes and Amazon unbox on it. After the business trip, I have used it at the office, at the gym while waiting for Morgan, in the car while waiting for Morgan, and at home. Morgan also loves it, and she has played Club Penguin and Webkinz on it. Webkinz doesn't like the resolution too much, but Club Penguin handled it like a champ. For 299 for the surf with Linux, 399 for the 4 gb with XP, I don't think you can go wrong. I did get an 8 GB SDHC card to go in it. I don't think you can do much with it without that. I absolutely love the slogan - Rock Solid. Heart touching. It has certainly touched mine!

On Saturday, I went to get a massage as my shoulders were really hurting hurting after falling asleep on the plane the day before (ok, ok, the margaritas the night before might have had a little to do with it). Morgan got to get a massage for free while I got my massage. They put us into the couples massage room, and it was hysterical. They tell us to get undressed to our comfort level and that they will be back in a few minutes. Morgan is looking at me like, what?? As I start to get undressed, she is freaking out. She keeps her shorts on and lies on the table. As we are lying there waiting for them to come in, she says quietly, "This is just wrong." I cracked up. I couldn't stop giggling for about 10 minutes. She did love her massage though. She wanted to know if she could go back again next week. Ummm...I don't think so. :) My massage therapist was brutal. I tend to like the deep tissue massage, but this was too much. I think I was bruised after being there. However, I did feel better. Later in the day, I called Travis and Lisa and Tal answered the phone. I asked how he was doing (he is 9), and he said, "I am trying to figure out how to put my brothers on eBay." Hee Hee hee Hee Hee hee Hee hee...SO funny.

Sunday, Morgan and I went to Busch Gardens with her friend Victoria. Mark was going to join us, but he said the park was at capacity once he got there. As always, I was up and at it early while Mark was lingering and showing up late (ouch, was that lighting striking me???). Morgan and Victoria were finally tall enough to ride all of the roller coasters. We rode Montu 6 times, Kumba 4 times, shiekra 6 times, Gwazi twice, the sky ride twice, and the tidal wave once. What a day! Morgan likes Busch Gardens a lot better now. The new Jungala is ok. Great for smaller kids. I think we missed it by a year or so.

Monday was a pretty good day. We had a partner in town, and we went to Bonefish grill. I love the consistency of Bonefish. You typically have the same experience whenever you go. Although, this time, I will admit that it was rather odd that the waiter kept insisting on bringing out shrimp for Krishans vegetarian meal. He kept saying, "surely someone will eat it if I bring it out." Ummm...we all ordered already? He just wants pasta, really.

Tuesday was a day from hell. It sucked. No need to even discuss it except to say that I was ultra stressed out and a little snappy (ok, maybe Trixie was out a bit). Poor Morgan even made me a picture and note that said I was not the worst mom but instead I was the best mom (she overheard me telling Mike that I was the worst mom in the world as I was feeling guilty for not being able to spend time with her since I am so stressed about work).

Today was a good day. Good at work. We looked at some potential office spaces. Morgan went on a field trip to Wonder Works. She liked it. She really liked three things - 1. The wonder coaster invention where you get to create your own roller coaster and then ride it 2. this room where there are five giant birdbath looking things and they are filled with soapy water. There are big bubble wands that you dip into the soapy water and pull it out. You can make archways and put people in bubbles. She was apparently put into a bubble (and that is a good thing?) 3. there is a hallway with a metal bridge going down it, and there are moving walls with sparking lights that look like stars. It is pitch black, and if you look over it it feels like you are going to fall off

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