Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday at Camp

Morning 2 - Tuesday. I knew this day was going to be busy when a child was sick at the dining hall as soon as I arrived for breakfast. Poor thing had a stomach ache. She stayed in the infirmary with me until the beginning of the first class. It was a steady stream after that of some bee stings, headaches, cuts, etc. I did inspections, but then I was in the cabin the rest of the morning. I read, so it was very relaxing even though I had a lot of kids coming in. One little girl was so sad and homesick. I talked to her for a while, and she seemed much better when she left. I hope she enjoys the rest of the week. I want her to be able to have as great of a time as I did here.

For lunch, we had peanut butter and jelly. This made me nervous as there is one girl who is very allergic to peanuts. She made it through it fine. After lunch, I read during rest hour. I even logged in and checked email as it was the first time I could get to the internet from the infirmary. Mike has been moved from cook to maintenance guy. He got the internet working, so I liked this change. He has adapted well, and he even has a maintenance man cup. Now, whenever I ask for something, he asks if I put in a work order. He did bring me breakfast this morning too when I had the sick camper and couldn't stay

After rest hour, I went to the lake to swim. I did some back dives, back flips, dives, and even attempted an inward (it was ugly). I was chicken to do a back flip from the top dock, but I eventually did it. It was fun. THEN, it was time to change to the older girl, and the counselors blob first. Mike and I got to blob with the counselors. We had a blast. The girls love getting to go high.

After that, several of the counselors were playing around on the boards. It was fun. A girl got a bloody nose then, so I went back to the infirmary. I got the dinner meds ready and fixed my hair (or tried to anyway). For dinner, we had hamburgers. I asked for cheese at the window, and I don't think the kitchen staff liked that very much. Oh well. Who eats a hamburger without cheese (well, Morgan does but she is 9). I read for a while, and then I went down to watch the kids play watermelon knocker (we called it greased watermelon when I was a kid). They coated the watermelon with crisco and threw it into the lake. The girls were on two teams and had to try to get it to the other side.

They also had relay races, canoe races, treading water contests, biggest splash, and water fun fights. Some girls weren't feeling well, so I went back to the cabin. Mike was invited to go to the boys' camp to play poker with the counselors over there. I read and relaxed. What a fantastic day. I love looking out from the infirmary and seeing the beauty. It is so gorgeous here.

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