Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday at MGMA

We had a scheduled demo at 9, and I wanted to be there early. So, I made the mistake of calling Travis and asking if he wanted to walk with me to the convention center. He says that he wants to get a very quick bite to eat, so he suggests we meet at floor 1 of the hotel. I get there, no Travis. I sit down. I wait. No Travis. I finally get up and go to the buffet. Travis comes in and we eat. It is 15 til when we leave. I am NOT happy. Travis says, "I forgot my wallet." We go up in the evelator and I hold it (of course he takes so long that the alarm is blaring in my ear for half the time). He gets there and says we have 6 minutes. We rush to the booth and get set up. Thankfully, we had a few minutes so I could prepare. I think it went pretty well.

I must be getting sick as I am starting to like the Allscripts orange. I guess it is just hard for me to hate the Tennessee orange. I see Misys people everywhere because they have that orange lanyard around their necks with a white shirt on. They stand out.

After the booth closed, I had to take a nap. I did an hour power nap and checked email. We went to dinner with some partners at a mexican place in Old Town. It was good, and the margaritas were great. At Christy's suggestion, we went to Whisky Girl to dance. It was awesome. It is scary when you know the songs because of your 10 year old daughter though.

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