Saturday, May 1, 2010

Red Rock Canyon and Old Vegas

Today, we went hiking in Red Rock Canyon. It was absolutely beautiful, and the weather couldnt't have been better. I was really worried about it hurting my foot to walk on the rocks, but somehow it actually made it better. Weird. We did two trails - the first one and then the keystone thrust one. The first one we went off trail a bit which made me nervous, but it was really fun and I didn't fall. WHEW. The second one was more challenging, and I really enjoyed it. Beautiful. I am not sure I could have done it a year ago or I at least would have been struggling. What a difference a year makes.

At night, we went to Old Vegas. I hadn't ever been there before. I really enjoyed it. We played a little at the Golden Nugget. We also played a bit at Binions. There were some fun people playing. The dealer at the Golden Nugget asked where we were staying, and we said Harrah's. He said, "Never heard of it" with a very straight face. It was hysterical.

Fun day.

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