Friday, January 7, 2011

Reality Sets In

The week after vacation is always hard. This one was no different. I started to get back into reality, unpack, do laundry, pay bills, what there is no lido deck? Where is my drink of the day? Ugh, I have to diet again? Man...where is that lottery when you need it? :)

This week was supposed to be the week I am going to India. However, there are some concerns in the group due to some news stories. So, on Tuesday, the trip is canceled and rescheduled for Feb. I went to my tri group on Tuesday night, and it was great to see everyone and some new faces! If only my knee would stop paining, life would be grand. Unfortunately, I am STILL not running which is freaking me out.

Wednesday, Morgan had horse lessons. We found out that the banquet is Saturday. Wow! We can all go since I am going to be home and we have the kids. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Thursday, I am just starting to get caught up on email and to get back in the swing when Surj calls. He changed his mind and we should got to India - TOMORROW! Seriously? India in less than 24 hours? Wow! I start getting into overdrive and planning. Laundry, check. Dry cleaning, oops, too late. Plans for Morgan when Mike is out of town, check. Packing, check. Banquet - oh crap...Mike says he can take her, check. Thanks to Krishan, I brought a small carry on suitcase with some spare clothes and some other necessities. This also allows me to take a small bag to Baroda when I go instead of lugging everytihng. Perfect! It was also comforting in case my luggage was lost. Krishan gave me lots of advice which was greatly appreciated. Mike and Morgan were both a huge help in getting me ready.

We had been trying to get into a house to see it all week, but the owner had been sick. When I told Stacey that I was going to India after all, she called back and arranged for us to see it that evening. WE LOVED IT! Of course, it had to be at 6pm the night before I leave for India, but we loved it. So, we started working on an offer. Stacey pulled together the paperwork, Morgan went to spend the night at a friend's house, and I got ready for my trip.

At 9 the next morning, we signed the offer paperwork at Starbucks before I rushed off to get Morgan. She had her outpatient infusion today, and I wanted to at least be there for her IV to get started. Thankfully, Mike was in town and could be with her.

We got to All Children's Specialty center on near Fletcher, and we were there early. I had already pre-registered so that we could go quickly. Unfortunately, she wanted to verify all that I already pre-registered. Then, she wanted to convince me to fill out some financial paperwork. Since I haven't gotten my HSA card yet for my new insurance, she let me pay a smaller portion of the deductible until I get the card. It was nice but she was making it take forever.  I tell her that I am flying to India and could we please hurry. She pages the nurse and says that she is almost done and that the nurse will be here soon. At 11:20, I ask if there is any way to hurry because I am leaving for India. They go to check and let us know that the nurse is finishing a procedure. About 15 minutes later, I check again. This manager type lady comes over and tells us that it is impossible to have her IV in by 11:45. GRRRRRR. However, this fabulous nurse came and got Morgan started. She said that she could get some of the information quickly and then could do the rest. She got her IV in on the first try and was super nice. I was so appreciative! I got to be there for the hand squeezing and then I was off to the airport! India, here I come!

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