Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A day it pays to have Delta Platinun

Wow..2 people in priority and all of those in regular

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One of those days

Today was just a frustrating day - you know, the kind you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed for?

My morning started off really hectic with work and then WHAM.,..Morgan didn't feel well. Stupid IV yesterday gave her a pretty bad headache. Grrrr...

Then, I have been trying to get a receipt from the Intercontinental in India for over a month so that I can get the policy enforcers off my back and out of my email. I am sure there is a dartboard with my picture on it somewhere in an accounting department. :) Who knew it could be so hard to get one lousy hotel receipt??? I have called India, emailed India, and then today I gave up and called the United States Intercontinental "Customer Care" (excuse me while I choke ont that. The lady said they can message them to send me a receipt. I explained that I had tried that and wondered if she had more power than my request. She says that she will call them for me. I wait on hold for a long time, and then she says that they will be emailing it now. HOORAY!!! Except...I was dumnb and let her off the phone. No receipt every came. Wah, Wah, Wah, Wahhhhhh....So, a few hours later, I called back again. This lady was NOT helpful at all and basically argued with me about it and said it would take 48 hours. I asked if the case had my information and she said no. Then, she says she is sending the message to them. When I asked if she needed my information, she said no. Nice...I have a feeling the receipt won't be coming today either. Of course, if this were HILTON, the receipt would already be online ready for me to get it at a moment's notice. That might just be the best selling point for Hilon as a business traveler yet. Intercontinental just got removed from my travel hotel list. Maybe I will get a receipt by the end of the month so that the poor nice receipt lady can get her receipt and process my expense report.

Then, Morgan says that she hurt her foot again. AGAIN? How can you hurt your foot when it is already in a full boot??? Really? Really? She goes to school anyway, but when I pick her up she says it is really hurting. I took her to the doc, but he said there was no new break. Thank goodness for small favors. At least the stress fracture is healing nicely.

I also had to go to the bank to wire money to India. This is yet another thing I have never had to do in all of my professional travel. There was some issue because of an airline ticket that was booked in India and for some reason they didn't get to use my card. So, I had to go to the bank to wire money there. Of course, it has to be a special branch and special times. Fun...What is my drama with India today? I told Krishan that he was going to have to fly to India to beat some people up for me if it didn't get better today.  Hee Hee...

Then, Morgan and I had a knock down drag out fight tonight. I am really ready for her to get hormones under control and to be off these dumb IV steroids. It is just hard and the attitude is just overwhelming.

I didn't get to go to my tri group either. BUMMER. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Catfish the Movie

We watched the movie Catfish as a family over the weekend. It was recommended to me by a work colleague at HIMSS. It was the oddest movie ever. I was so nervous the whole time wondering what in the world was going to happen. It was very good, but man there are some WEIRD people out there. Glad that we watched it with the kids. Hopefully it will make them think a little about online "friends."