Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saturday - First Day of the Show

We got up really early to get to the convention center to set up for the show. Since we didn't get to test anything the night before, I was nervous. We ate at Joe's at the hotel, and we rushed (well as fast as you can rush when going with all of those laptops). Miguel got his luggage right as we were leaving (the airline kept it for safekeeping the night before) the hotel, so that was good. As much as experience told me, I listened to Mark and Krishan tell me that we would have plenty of time to come back to the room and change. So, we arrive in jeans. The booth is still being put together, so we decide to start plugging in computers where we can. Hmmmmmm....where are those handy power cords that we so carefully laid by each computer the day before? The rental computer company tells us that they grabbed all of the "extra" cords and sent them to storage. What??? Extra? Theymake it sound like the booth is actually finished or something. The manager finds us the parts a while later. I decide that we should hook up at least one kiosk to make sure it is working. Hmmmm....where is that ethernet cable? What?? There wasn't any wire run to that area? Hmmmm.. Panic is setting in. We have no power cord for the router, no power cords for the kiosk, and no way to connect the computers to the server. LOVELY. After a few pissing matches with the manager, he becomes very helpful. Thankfully, he helped us a lot after that - he even loaned us a router.

About 10:10 (the show opens at 11:00), I force Krishan to leave so we can change (we are suposed to be training at 10:30. We have hooked up the Microsoft booth, and all is good there. We practically run to the hotel. We are walking so fast that my legs are aching pretty badly. I frantically change, and then I knock on Krishan's door. What????? What do you mean you aren't ready??? I am the girl and even have on make up!!! For the love of God....

After waiting for Ms. Krishan to get ready, we hurry back to the convention. We make it around 10:38. Not sure why I panicked as THERE IS NOBODY THERE FOR US TO TRAIN. Lovely. At that point, we realize that we will just need to work the booth, all the time.

As the booth opens, one of the sponsors is very upset that their name isn't on the booth. He berates them, and they bring a stencil there a few hours later to add the name. :) All is good.

The first day of the show was VERY busy. We survive the show opening. Whew...

The Pickwick Hotel

I forgot to mention that the Pickwick Hotel was an interesting place. It wasn't a bad place to stay, and in some ways it was even pretty luxurious. (they left chocolate on the pillows and provided the big white robes for you to use. However, the rooms were very tiny (especially for two people), they had absolutely NO storage drawers or dresser, and the toilet looked like it was stolen from an elementary school. Let me just say that I couldn't even pull my laptop bag through the room - I had to pick it up to carry it past the bed. Otherwise, it was great though. It has a little restaurant downstairs (called Joe's) where we had breakfast one day, and the bellman was very friendly and nice.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some pictures of the booth

I will post more about the booth later when I am fully back on Eastern time, but here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Booth Set up Day

Friday was all about getting the booth ready for the AAP Digital Office of the Future exhibit. Krishan and I were still in mad prepare mode, so we spent most of the day working on the database to make sure it was exactly as we wanted. Mark and Lisa ended up making a trip across San Fran to get some of our stuff that hadn't made it yet. Lisa had to ride for over 2 hours with her feet on the dashboard because the car was completely full. She took some great pictures that are on

Krishan and I went to the booth in the afternoon with many computers in tow. We have a bit of a panic attack as the booth is not even remotely close to being ready to test with computers. However, the first Microsoft representatives are there so we go through the quiz. We were super proud of our configuration of the Kiosk functionality to capture the Internet Safety Quiz information. I am not sure that everyone really got to understand that at the show, but it is pretty cool that we could easily change the kiosk to be this quiz instead of a patient intake session. Of course, there were a few issues with it (like people not realizing that they needed to scroll down) that we fixed along the way.

We are very hungry by 8 or so and the booth still isn't ready for testing. So, we go eat across the street at Chevy's. It was pretty good, but they forgot Dr. Alexander's dinner!!!! We went back to the Microsoft booth after dinner to make sure that the kiosk quiz was working well with the computers. Worked perfectly! This turned out to be the smartest decision of the trip because the next morning was complete chaos. :) We got to work with Pete, Tiffany, and Adrianne at the the Microsoft booth. They were wonderful to work with, and we really enjoyed talking to them. Unfortunately, they had to deal with some doctors who were less than honest and tried to scam them for extra copies of Vista. They were kind enough to give away Vista Ultimate to the doctors who received some internet safety education.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trip to CA

I am not sure how, but somehow we got most of everything ready for the AAP conference and headed to the airport. The day before had led to us enter over 16,000 immunizations to prepare the patients for the exhibit. Whew...not exactly how I want to do load testing, but that part of the script didn't work and we were out of time. So, all of Bond now knows how to enter immunizations! Even accounting helped!

So, in typical Bond travel fashion, we weren't all on the same flight (Mark was on his own flight) and I was in the middle seat. I am not sure what I did to get on the bad travel list, but I am ALWAYS booked in a middle seat. Thankfully, Lisa was on this flight and graciously volunteered to 1. Sit next to Travis and 2. Sit in the middle seat that was next to Travis. :)

We arrive around 10pm and take the extremely long trip to the rental car place at the San Francisco Airport (SFO). Lisa and I FINALLY get the car. She had reserved a car that would seat 7 people. The lady at the counter tells us that we are "extremely lucky" that they have one. We get to the car, and it must be a 7 seater technically, but it was rather small. Lisa and I giggle at how lucky we are. We drive around to pick up the boys. They have enough luggage and boxes for at least 15 people. Of course, they aren't even appreciative of our sacrificial journey to get the car and start complaining immediately about how long it took. Next time, Lisa and I will hit a bar first. :)

We use the navigator on my phone to get to the hotels (we have people in two hotels). Mark, Krishan, and I wander down the street and end up at a Jack in the Box around midnight. It was rather scary with homeless people galore. It didn't stop us from getting some grease though. :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun Day

Today was a fun day. I had a really good time at work today, and then I got to go to step aerobics AND to do my week 1 day 2 couch to 5 k program. We are crazy busy at work trying to get many clients live,to get the release wrapped up by Nov 15, and to get ready for the AAP show this weekend in San Francisco. We are excited about showing off Clinician in the Pediatric Office of the Future. If you are going to the show, stop by on Saturday to watch us do the Pediatric Challenge. Hopefully, we wlll do as well this time as the last. :) We missed our project cut off, but hopefully all of the projects will make it tomorrow except for one. That one is the known troublemaker in this release, so I will cut it some slack. Our implementation team is ROCKING! I can't believe how many clients we have going live in November. We seem to have hit our groove there.

Step class was fun, but I like the Saturday and Thursday classes better. Not sure why exactly, but I just do. It was still fun though. According to my Polar F4, I burned 444 calories in the class (I was late and missed the first 10 min). It says I burned 339 calories in the Couch 2 5k program. I used the podcast found here today. It tells you when to run and walk, so it makes it a little easier to follow. I wasn't sure I would like the electric music sound in it, but I actually did and bopped right along. I was surprised how fast it went (wonder if I will be saying that in a few weeks!). Anyway, I feel so good. I am SO glad that I decided to start Weight Watchers and to start exercising. So far today, I have used 19 points. I just might have some popcorn in a few minutes (only 2 points!). I found the Orville Redenbacher Natural Buttery salt and black pepper variety. It is very different, but it is very good.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beating Heart and Gambling

Morgan had cheer practice from 9 - 11, so I took her to the gym and was headed to step class. My friend Liz told me on Friday about her Polar F4 watch. I have been fascinated by the Body Bugg that can measure how many calories you burn for a couple of weeks now, but the $400+ price was a good deterrent. However, Liz says there is a watch called the Polar F4 that will do the same thing and is around $75!!! I get so excited by the little things. So, on the way to aerobics, I stop at Target for my early Birthday present. :) It is Bond Blue (ok, maybe not exactly but it is a light blue), and you program it with your age, weight, height, and heart rate goals. You wear a little black strap on your chest, and it transmits it to the watch. HOT. So, I didn't have a lot of time to play with it before class, but I did get my info entered. Then, I went to step. Uncle Mark came with me to step (He said he hadn't been since a girl drug him back in High School or College). I quickly decided it was the perfect place for Mark as it was all girls. :) I excitedly look at the Polar to see what it said and it told me that I exercised for 51 minutes and burned 578 calories! They always say step is about 600 calories, so I guess I know that is about right now. It showed my average heart rate (159) and my highest heart rate (178). How cool is that. I spent the rest of the day doing tests. How much does my heart rate increase if I walk around the downstairs 4 times? If I do 10 jumping jacks? If I run up the stairs? It was way too much fun. Then, Mike wanted to join Morgan and I in the Couch to 5K program, so we all set out for the Week 1 Day 1 activity. We walked "briskly" for 5 minutes. Then, we jogged for 60 seconds, walked for 90, jogged for 60, walked for 90 for 20 minutes. We finished with a 5 minute walk. Awesome. Mike and I thought it was perfect, but Morgan was "bored" the whole time. Since she works out 5 days a week and does PE/recess, she was more advanced that we were. We will see how she keeps up. :)

My Vols suck. There is no other way to put it. In some ways, I am happy as I think Fulmer will be gone after this year. As I have said before, I have nothing against Fulmer. I have always enjoyed having him as our coach. I just think we need a new one - fresh blood. I was a little nervous after the Georgia game that he might have earned another year. However, I think the BEATING inflicted by Alabama will seal his fate.

Saturday night was Casino night for the Florida Wildcats as a fundraiser. It was SO much fun. It started at 7 and ended at midnight. The gambling began at 7:30 (although, one of the "dealers" told us that they have to use the smaller tables or the state considers it gambling. I thought that was hysterical. It isn't gambling as long as it is a smaller table!). We all got $15,000 in play money to gamble with. The tickets were $25 a piece, bu they included this play money and dinner. We knew there was a cash bar, but as we get there, they are collecting money for a drink bracelet. It turned out that it was $10 for all you can drink (alcohol as well!). What a pleasant surprise. So, we started out by getting some dinner. The food was really good, but it was a little hard to figure out how many points I was using. I had saved my weekly "extra" Flex points for this night, so I figured it would be hard to mess up. We played Roulette first. Mike did really well there, but I didn't. I see that my friend Rachel is playing craps, and the table seems to be the rowdiest. So, of course, I have to join that table. :) We have a blast playing craps, laughing, and drinking. Rachel is looking hot. We used to live across the street from her, but I never got to know her that well. Mark said that she is just like me when we drink. Scary, I know. Of course, I loved it and had so much fun. Mike said that with kids in football, baseball, softball, and cheer, it is definitely the cheer parents who know how to party! I would agree. From monthly happy hour gatherings to Casino night, this gym is definitely social!

Afterward, we went to Primetime. We went there to help Jason (one of Morgan's coaches) celebrate his birthday. Somehow, we didn't see Mark and some other people from the gym. Oops. Mike said I snored the whole way home. I say it is a payback for every night he is here (which despite what he says is only around 8 - 10 nights a month. He will try to sell you on this only gone 10 nights a month stuff but just know I am right).

By the way, if anyone wants to sponsor Morgan, please email me!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Icky Day/Kobi

It was a rough day at work. Too much to do with too little time. To protect the guilty, I will not mention details. Let's just say that when Amy has to repeat herself or do the same task for the 47th time (when it is unavoidable), she is not a happy Amy. Morgan can't tumble, so she was ready to get out of the gym. She wanted "Funny Man" for dinner (that is a Japanese Hibachi place to the rest of the world), so I called Uncle Mark and Tony to see if they wanted to join us. Lucky for us, they did! Mike was camping at Disney with the boy scouts, so we were on our own. I tried to be good at Kobi, but it is hard at one of those places. I just ate a lot less than I normally do and figured that would have to be good enough. I had only used 8 of my 26 points (thankfully), and I estimate my dinner was 15.5. Success! I really hope this Weight Watchers program works for me because it is certainly easy to follow and doesn't feel like a diet. :) Uncle Mark and Tony were great company, and we had a fabulous time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lady Luck

Remember how I said that I think I must have hit a bus full of nuns in a past life? It continues. Terri says it is because Saturn needs to move. I don't know what it is, but I am so ready for it to stop. As if my life hasn't been hectic enough lately, I hurry to the car this morning to take Morgan to Kelly (Morgan is out of school today and tomorrow), my battery is dead. The car won't start. Morgan frantically tries to turn out the light in the car before I notice it. UGH...She was reading last night, and she forgot to turn the light off. I usually check this because she has a bad habit of leaving it on. Somehow, we both missed it. Lovely. Morgan was so excited about getting to go to college classes with Kelly. I checked with the neighbors, but nobody was home. I called Mazda Roadside Assistance. After 10 annoying minutes on the phone, the sugary sweet voice tells me that I am over 50,000 miles and the service stops at 50,000 miles. Can it get better? OH yeah....I remember that Mike has AAA through work. So, I call him. He is on Central time, and I think he is thrilled that Morgan is calling. He gives me his AAA number. They say that they can't come unless Mike is on the premises. PLEASE. So, I am not the proud owner of my own AAA membership. It was going to cost the same to have someone come as it was to buy the membership, so at least I now have it for a year. :)

Work is crazy busy as we have project cut off on Monday and code cutoff the following Monday. I leave for the AAP show next Thursday and return on the following Tuesday. It is in San Fransciso. We are doing the Pediatric Challenge on Saturday, and the rest of the time I will be helping with he Pediatric Office of the Future exhibit. Bond was picked as the EHR for the exhibit, and we will be showing it off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It is a lot of work preparing for these kinds of things. It is always more work than you think it is. The month of November is also a record setting month for Implementation. Wow, we are going to be BUSY.

I have done well with Weight Watchers. I love the points. It is kind of like a game. For example, the chick-fil-a fried sandwhich is 3 points more than the grilled. Is it worth it? I am saving my flex points for this Saturday when Morgan's gym has Casino night. I can't wait to practice for our Vegas trip in November (my birthday AND Thanksgiving. :)

With any luck, my bad luck streak will end. It would be nice just to have a "normal" week. :) Terri says Saturn doesn't move until December. I sure hope that is not the issue because I don't think I can take it for that long.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shriner's Hospital

Today, we went to Shriner's Children's Hospital. All I can say is WOW. I was so impressed. Our friend Fawn referred us there, and I am so thankful. I really didn't know much about the Shriner's except for what I have heard from Fawn. We arrived and checked in. While I filled out forms, some nice people came around with a bag of candy, a Halloween CD, and an obnoxious noise maker. She was thrilled. Next, we went to the room that was decorated SO nicely. Each room was decorated to be sea creates and fish. Fawn cut off the splint she had, and she checked out her elbow. Then, it w as off to X-ray. They x-rayed both arms so that they could compare them, and they saw a piece of the bone that had been chipped off. She has a medial epicondylar avulsion fracture. Apparently, when she landed with her arm outstretched, the tendon pulled across the bone and pulled some of the bone with it. The nice OT at Shriner's made her a hot pink splint to wear. I was so happy that it comes off at least when she takes a shower. :)
Washing her hair in the sink was NOT fun. :)

Of course, Morgan is just worried about cheer and when she can get back into it. The doctor said that if she did her arm exercises (She is to take it out at home and do exercises every day) that she would get back faster. She is really into those exercises! It was funny though when the doctor said exercises, Morgan got this look on her face. She thought she meant like EXERCISES like jumping jacks and push-ups. It was hysterical. :)

Thanks FAWN for helping us.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mike in his adorable gown pre-procedure

Mike's procedure went well today. Of course, he was out of control at the hospital. He had the nurses in stitches. Apparently, he thought he was in New Orleans with one of his clients, and the staff had a good time teasing him after. Then, he was a nurse's worst nightmare by trying to make his vital signs change. For example, he would breathe in and out really fast to mess with the respirations and try to get his heart rate down really low. Thankfully, he had nice nurses. :)

They told him to start with something easy like soup and crackers. So, we stopped at Boston Market to get some soup. I cracked up when he orderd the spicy chicken soup. So much for taking it easy. :)

He seemed to have minimal pain, so I didn't even get to torment him with the "It's only pain" line. Oh well. I am thankful that it went well and is over. Results should be back in 3 - 5 days.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Morgan (with Mrs Pink Behind Her)

Bucs Game

We got up this morning, and I washed Morgan's hair in the sink. It brought back all kinds of memories of Grams doing that for me as a child. We dried her hair, and then we used a curling iron to smooth it out. Morgan even said that I did a good job of putting her hair up in a ponytail. :)

Mike and I both drove to the gym in case they needed extra drivers, but there were plenty of drivers. I told Mike he could go, but he said that he would rather watch the game on TV. Carrie and Tresta rode with me, so it was fun to have adults around. :) We parked at HCC (which I learned is Hillsborough Community College). About halfway there, I learned that Denise and Mara were following me. LOL I had no idea what HCC was. :) Glad that it was close to the stadium and on the map.

We ride in a bus over to Dock C where we stand in the sun and wait. Of course, there is no restroom and all of us (kids included) need to find one at this point. The kids practice, and the adults talk. Sometime after 2:00, they open the gate. This MEAN lady in pink starts yelling at us. She is mean to us and mean to the kids. We can't figure out why she is mean, but we try to do as she says and stand against the wall. Then, they realize that the Wildcats should be at the front since they go on first. So, the parents go up to be next to the kids. Mrs. Pink is NOT happy. She asks, "Did you just come up to the front of the line? I told you to stand there and that all of you will get to see your kids." My new friend Tresta holds her hands up and says, "I can't understand a thing you are saying." Of course, we could hear her, but it sent the message. She finally left us alone.

They took us onto the field a few minutes before the game was over. That was pretty cool. I haven't ever been on a pro field before during a game, so it was neat. With about 1 minute to go in the half, they started walking us around the field. The Bucs players started running to their tunnel as we were rounding the corner. Carrie started taking pictures, but the pink ladies didn't like that. They quickly steered her toward the sideline. :) We got to kneel down at the 20 yard line. The kids came running out onto the field. They looked so cute. They did the routine well. I know you are wondering what in the world Morgan does with her arm in a sling. :) She was a front spot and did some cute poses. It was very nice that they included her even after she got hurt. She was pretty bummed that she didn't get to tumble, but she had fun anyway.

After the game, we rode the bus back to "the HCC." We dropped our passengers off and headed to Borders (I can't WAIT until the bookstore (is it Border's?) opens in Wesley Chapel. Morgan got 3 Series of Unfortunate Events books. She is on #8. Then, we met Mara, Denise, Craig, and Damain at Beef O Brady's. The kids had fun playing, and the adults had fun talking. It was Mara's birthday (29 I think). Happy Birthday Mara!

What a nice Sunday. Beautiful day. Fun events. Family time. Can't beat it. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Practice at One Buc Place

Mike convinced Morgan that she should do the Bucs event even though she can't flip and stunt. So, we went off to One Buc Place this morning. The gym advised us to allow an hour to get there because USF was playing right next to the Buc's practice facility (of course, in past years it wouldn't have mattered but now everyone is a USF fan). Traffic is awful as expected, but then we just need to turn into the facility. It took 45 minutes to get through ONE light. There were policemen there too, but they didn't help. In fact, one of them kept yelling at us and trying to get us to go straight even though we kept trying to tell him that we needed to turn. Finally, we turn and then a policeman starts to pull the cars in the exit IN FRONT OF US. Of course, that did not make for a happy Amy. So, I put the car in Park and get out and yell to him that we had been waiting with the same pass they had. Finally, we get to park. Whew.

The Buc's facility is beautiful. The old one looked like a wanna be team, but the new one is very nice. Mike enjoyed the people scenery too as the Buc's cheerleaders led us to the practice field. As they practiced, some of the parents left to get something to eat. We went with that group to Chili's. Of course, the bar was packed with USF fans, so we couldn't sit together. But, we ate in the air conditioning. :) On the way back, they had every turn lane blocked off. It was insane. So, finally, Mike gets out and moves the cones so that we can go through. Thankfully, Tampa's finest policemen were just as lazy about that as they were when we needed assistance earlier. :)

Tennessee played Mississippi State today. That is always dicey because I hate for my Dad's team to lose, but of course I want my Vols to win. Thankfully, Tennessee did win after being doing early. Mark is in Nashville with Grams and Papa at the Georgia-Vandy game. So far, Georgia is winning 7-3. Kentucky has the ball and is only down by 3 points against LSU!!! Amazing. South Carolina and Kentucky are actually seeming to be good this year. Totally weird. :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Small Fracture in the Elbow

So, after a repeat x-ray, I guess there is a tiny fracture. Here is a picture with her sling

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Mark!!!!

I didn't get to decorate his desk in the fashion I wanted, but I did bring the annoyingly loud cake that sings Happy Birthday and a PINK Happy Birthday banner to hang at his desk. Someone had already decorated in red and black, so it was quite festive. Mark picked Pei Wei for lunch, which is one of my favs. Everyone kept asking me how much I bribed him to go there. :)

In the afternoon, I get a call from Morgan asking when I would be at the gym. I told her that it would be about 45 mins. About 30 mins later, she calls again and is hysterical. She says that she tripped and fell on her arm again. UGH. I rush off to the gym, and she is laughing and having a grand ol time. So, I guess that was just a momentary thing or she just wanted me there.Gotta love it. I couldn't even be too mad as I was so happy that she was ok.

Her homework is usually done when I ger her, but not today. She can't write with her right arm, so she needed help. UGH....Thankfully, it wasn't too bad and didn't take too long. :) I wonder how many adults would pass the homework?:)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

And She Came Crashing Down

In Morgan's cheer routine for the Youth team, she is only a flyer in one stunt (as opposed to all of the stunts last year which has been a bit hard on her). So, they are practicing the stunt tonight. I wasn't there yet, so I didn't see it. But, as I am told by those who did see the unfortunate event, she went up in the stunt as she should and was coming down where she puts her feet down and does a forward roll. Well, she was "released" in the air instead of on the floor and she landed on her arm. Of course, I arrive about 5 minutes later and someone asks me what arm she broke in the past. Uh oh. That is never a good question. She is on the floor crying. Morgan is a pretty tough kid and gets up from many falls (she does fall a lot) without even a reaction. So, I know when she is sobbing that it is hurting. It hurts when she straightens it the most, and she comes off the floor, table, chair, or whatever she is on when you touch a specific spot or straighten it. We went to find a convenient care, but the ones we usually go to were closed (8:02 is when we arrived but they closed at 8).

We called Uncle Mark, and he helped us find that Night Owl Pediatrics was open. So, we go there. She tells me to fill out the paperwork and they will be "right with us." Since the waiting room was empty, I actually thought it would be fast. An hour later, we get to go back. Morgan started to be shy when they asked her how she did it, but she came out of her shell nicely and answered. :) The doc couldn't tell if the arm was broken yet, and he advised that we get it X-rayed again or see an Orthopedic if it isn't better by the end of the week or Monday. They wrapped it and put it into a sling. She is doing pretty well with the sling now that she realizes that a sling doesn't mean that Mommy does everything for her. :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Diet, Step Aerobics, Sicko

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling very good at all. I woke up this morning wishing that I had another hour to sleep. I managed to get up and get right to work. About 30 minutes into the day, I felt better. Not sure if it is from being sick or from starting a new diet or just a funky day, but it surely made me appreciate today!

At work, we have a no-slip ship date of 11/15 for the next release. No matter what, we have to ship by that date. So, we are frantically trying to push for a code cutoff of 10/29. It will be a challenge for sure, but I know the amazing dev team can pull it off. :)

After work, I went to my second step aerobics class. I learned that it is a Les Mills areobics class. Apparently, it is a program that instructors can follow to provide a challenging and consistent routine regardless of instructor. It was definitely challenging. :) I am looking forward to Thursdays class. I weighed today and lost 3 more pounds. 6,5 lbs down. :)

I am trying to decide whether to see Sicko. I keep seeing articles about it and hearing comments, and I am actually very interested in it since I work in healthcare. However, I can't stand the idea of even acknowledging Moore's work.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cheer Practice, Step, Tennessee Vols WIN, Diet

Saturday, Morgan had cheer practice for the Bucs game practice. On the 14th, they cheer in the halftime show of the Titans-Bucs game. Unfortunately, we don't have tickets, so I am driving some cheerleaders there. While she was at practice, I decided to go to a step aerobics class at Lifestyle gym. I haven't been to a step class in years, but I loved going years ago until I broke my ankle in the class. The teacher of this class had her granddaughter in the nursery. Holy cow did that woman teach a mean class! I did some of the class on the floor (instead of on the step), but I was happy to make it through the class in one piece. :) Of course, I am sore today.

My Volunteers woke up from their death bed and kicked some Georgia butt! Chris kept calling UGA a pitbull, and we kept laughing and calling them the Georgia Pitbulls. I wanted to be able to call Mark and laugh about it with him, but we have an unspoken rule that we don't call each other until the losing team person calls. Makes life easier. :) It is always hard when family teams play. I don't know where this Tennessee team has been, but they had great defense, good special teams, solid offense. Amazing. They even blocked a kick!!!!! I can't remember the last blocked kick. GO VOLS! This officially puts UT ahead of UF in the SEC East. At least that should make these Gators quiet around here. :)

I have done ok on the diet over the weekend - no cheating! I did notice that my fingers are smaller and my rings come off easily now. Why is it that the fingers are always the first part to lose weight? I think fingers could have been last on my list. :) I keep feeling very cold all the time. Not sure what is going on, but I feel like I have a fever but I don't. Today, I got my haircut for the first time in MONTHS. I can't believe how long my hair had gotten. I don't think it has ever been that long. She did a good job though, and it feels a lot better.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Microsoft Health Vault PHR

The Microsoft Health Vault PHR announcement has me interested. I think the success of it all depends on:

1. How easy it is to sign up - I think the Live ID requirement may deter a lot of people.
2. How secure people feel it is - I am not sure I think patients will put accurate information (who is going to put anti-depressants and STD's in the PHR?)
3. How easy it is for EHR's and other Portals to update the information. I don't think you can really rely on patient entered information for accuracy.
4. How easy it is to tell someone how to "break the ice" in case of emergency (ICE). This goes back to the security feeling as well. How long is access provided? Is everything available? Is the information easy to find for the person during the emergency? (nobody is going to spend time looking around. If the information isn't found quickly, it will be dismissed).
5. How popular it is with your friends. I think this is something that will be pushed by friends and neighbors if it is going to take hold. It needs to be "cool"

I am very glad that Microsoft and Google (and Aetna who apparently had their feelings hurt that the world paid attention to Microsoft and Google when they talked PHR but did not pay attention when Aetna did the same) are actually pushing the topic. We need to figure out some easy way for patients to have access to their information and for that information to be shared with others.

The other really interesting part of this is that Microsoft seems to be trying to create universal connection to medical devices. Imagine the quality of care if all patient's could easily have their blood pressure, glucose, or heart monitor values uploaded automatically. The dream has been there for years. It looks like Microsoft is going for it. As we say at Bond, It isn't smart to bet against Bill.

4 months smoke free (3000 cigarettes not smoked)

This week marked the 4 month anniversary of me finally quitting smoking. I have a quit meter that tells me how long it has been, how many cigarettes I haven't smoked, how much money I have saved, and how much of my life I have "Saved." It looks like this now:

Amy - smoke free for Four Months, Three Days, 6 Hours and 47 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 10 Days and 10 Hours, by avoiding the use of 3007 cigs that would have cost me $513.80. I spent $212 on patches. As I was typing this, I found a web version that will count it. See the sidebar.

On Tuesday, my counter displayed a big pop-up message telling me it had been 4 months. When I told Morgan (my biggest supporter), she said, "Oh yeah, I kind of forgot that you used to smoke." It was the best thing I have ever heard. Today, I got the pop-up of 3000 cigarettes not smoked. Unbelievable. I can definitely say that quitting smoking was the hardest thing I have ever done. I think about it now, and that seems so weird. But, let's remember that I was literally crying even after weeks of not smoking. What a hold that drug can have on you.

Now that the 4 month mark has come, I have started my diet. Yes, the Amy 2007 self-improvement process is on the second phase. I started on Tuesday, and I seem to have lost 3.5 pounds from Tuesday to Friday. Not bad...:) I found this salad dressing at the store that promotes itself as 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sodium. Not sure I really buy that, but it is interesting. Now, if only scientists could make EVERY food (well, at least the good ones) 0 calories. :) Currently, I am eating 1 fruit, 1 vegetable, 1 protein, and 1 starch 3 times a day. I will do this through Sunday. Monday, I will change it up a little.

Morgan's cheer team is in full fundraising mode. Since it costs more to cheer these days than to go to college, I am thankful for any fundraising activities. I had the candy bar box at my house last week, and Morgan, Uncle Mark, and Daddy bought $31 worth. Today, Travis bought the remaining 19 and passed them out at the office. Thanks Travis!

If anyone out there wants to help sponsor her cheerleading, it is tax deductible. :) You can email me here. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Sorry that I haven't been updating a lot. Thanks for all who were checking enough to know that it wasn't updated. :) I have pneumonia. The chills, cough, extreme exhaustion, and pain when coughing are keeping me from doing much posting. I will update more when I am better.