Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shriner's Hospital

Today, we went to Shriner's Children's Hospital. All I can say is WOW. I was so impressed. Our friend Fawn referred us there, and I am so thankful. I really didn't know much about the Shriner's except for what I have heard from Fawn. We arrived and checked in. While I filled out forms, some nice people came around with a bag of candy, a Halloween CD, and an obnoxious noise maker. She was thrilled. Next, we went to the room that was decorated SO nicely. Each room was decorated to be sea creates and fish. Fawn cut off the splint she had, and she checked out her elbow. Then, it w as off to X-ray. They x-rayed both arms so that they could compare them, and they saw a piece of the bone that had been chipped off. She has a medial epicondylar avulsion fracture. Apparently, when she landed with her arm outstretched, the tendon pulled across the bone and pulled some of the bone with it. The nice OT at Shriner's made her a hot pink splint to wear. I was so happy that it comes off at least when she takes a shower. :)
Washing her hair in the sink was NOT fun. :)

Of course, Morgan is just worried about cheer and when she can get back into it. The doctor said that if she did her arm exercises (She is to take it out at home and do exercises every day) that she would get back faster. She is really into those exercises! It was funny though when the doctor said exercises, Morgan got this look on her face. She thought she meant like EXERCISES like jumping jacks and push-ups. It was hysterical. :)

Thanks FAWN for helping us.

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  1. Morgan will become alright sooooooooon and will be back to cheer group shortly......