Friday, October 19, 2007

Icky Day/Kobi

It was a rough day at work. Too much to do with too little time. To protect the guilty, I will not mention details. Let's just say that when Amy has to repeat herself or do the same task for the 47th time (when it is unavoidable), she is not a happy Amy. Morgan can't tumble, so she was ready to get out of the gym. She wanted "Funny Man" for dinner (that is a Japanese Hibachi place to the rest of the world), so I called Uncle Mark and Tony to see if they wanted to join us. Lucky for us, they did! Mike was camping at Disney with the boy scouts, so we were on our own. I tried to be good at Kobi, but it is hard at one of those places. I just ate a lot less than I normally do and figured that would have to be good enough. I had only used 8 of my 26 points (thankfully), and I estimate my dinner was 15.5. Success! I really hope this Weight Watchers program works for me because it is certainly easy to follow and doesn't feel like a diet. :) Uncle Mark and Tony were great company, and we had a fabulous time.

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