Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trip to CA

I am not sure how, but somehow we got most of everything ready for the AAP conference and headed to the airport. The day before had led to us enter over 16,000 immunizations to prepare the patients for the exhibit. Whew...not exactly how I want to do load testing, but that part of the script didn't work and we were out of time. So, all of Bond now knows how to enter immunizations! Even accounting helped!

So, in typical Bond travel fashion, we weren't all on the same flight (Mark was on his own flight) and I was in the middle seat. I am not sure what I did to get on the bad travel list, but I am ALWAYS booked in a middle seat. Thankfully, Lisa was on this flight and graciously volunteered to 1. Sit next to Travis and 2. Sit in the middle seat that was next to Travis. :)

We arrive around 10pm and take the extremely long trip to the rental car place at the San Francisco Airport (SFO). Lisa and I FINALLY get the car. She had reserved a car that would seat 7 people. The lady at the counter tells us that we are "extremely lucky" that they have one. We get to the car, and it must be a 7 seater technically, but it was rather small. Lisa and I giggle at how lucky we are. We drive around to pick up the boys. They have enough luggage and boxes for at least 15 people. Of course, they aren't even appreciative of our sacrificial journey to get the car and start complaining immediately about how long it took. Next time, Lisa and I will hit a bar first. :)

We use the navigator on my phone to get to the hotels (we have people in two hotels). Mark, Krishan, and I wander down the street and end up at a Jack in the Box around midnight. It was rather scary with homeless people galore. It didn't stop us from getting some grease though. :)

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