Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saturday - First Day of the Show

We got up really early to get to the convention center to set up for the show. Since we didn't get to test anything the night before, I was nervous. We ate at Joe's at the hotel, and we rushed (well as fast as you can rush when going with all of those laptops). Miguel got his luggage right as we were leaving (the airline kept it for safekeeping the night before) the hotel, so that was good. As much as experience told me, I listened to Mark and Krishan tell me that we would have plenty of time to come back to the room and change. So, we arrive in jeans. The booth is still being put together, so we decide to start plugging in computers where we can. Hmmmmmm....where are those handy power cords that we so carefully laid by each computer the day before? The rental computer company tells us that they grabbed all of the "extra" cords and sent them to storage. What??? Extra? Theymake it sound like the booth is actually finished or something. The manager finds us the parts a while later. I decide that we should hook up at least one kiosk to make sure it is working. Hmmmm....where is that ethernet cable? What?? There wasn't any wire run to that area? Hmmmm.. Panic is setting in. We have no power cord for the router, no power cords for the kiosk, and no way to connect the computers to the server. LOVELY. After a few pissing matches with the manager, he becomes very helpful. Thankfully, he helped us a lot after that - he even loaned us a router.

About 10:10 (the show opens at 11:00), I force Krishan to leave so we can change (we are suposed to be training at 10:30. We have hooked up the Microsoft booth, and all is good there. We practically run to the hotel. We are walking so fast that my legs are aching pretty badly. I frantically change, and then I knock on Krishan's door. What????? What do you mean you aren't ready??? I am the girl and even have on make up!!! For the love of God....

After waiting for Ms. Krishan to get ready, we hurry back to the convention. We make it around 10:38. Not sure why I panicked as THERE IS NOBODY THERE FOR US TO TRAIN. Lovely. At that point, we realize that we will just need to work the booth, all the time.

As the booth opens, one of the sponsors is very upset that their name isn't on the booth. He berates them, and they bring a stencil there a few hours later to add the name. :) All is good.

The first day of the show was VERY busy. We survive the show opening. Whew...


  1. I swear...there is ALWAYS one man on these trips who takes longer to get ready. No names mentioned, but I've showered, dried hair, put on make-up, AND pantyhose and been done before a certain colleague!

    Geesh Krishan...I never would have pegged you to be THAT guy! :)

  2. Great job Amy! Booth looks great!!Makes me remember my computer show days with PC Telemart in the early 80s! Fun but tiring!!! Have a great show!!! Alice