Tuesday, October 9, 2007

And She Came Crashing Down

In Morgan's cheer routine for the Youth team, she is only a flyer in one stunt (as opposed to all of the stunts last year which has been a bit hard on her). So, they are practicing the stunt tonight. I wasn't there yet, so I didn't see it. But, as I am told by those who did see the unfortunate event, she went up in the stunt as she should and was coming down where she puts her feet down and does a forward roll. Well, she was "released" in the air instead of on the floor and she landed on her arm. Of course, I arrive about 5 minutes later and someone asks me what arm she broke in the past. Uh oh. That is never a good question. She is on the floor crying. Morgan is a pretty tough kid and gets up from many falls (she does fall a lot) without even a reaction. So, I know when she is sobbing that it is hurting. It hurts when she straightens it the most, and she comes off the floor, table, chair, or whatever she is on when you touch a specific spot or straighten it. We went to find a convenient care, but the ones we usually go to were closed (8:02 is when we arrived but they closed at 8).

We called Uncle Mark, and he helped us find that Night Owl Pediatrics was open. So, we go there. She tells me to fill out the paperwork and they will be "right with us." Since the waiting room was empty, I actually thought it would be fast. An hour later, we get to go back. Morgan started to be shy when they asked her how she did it, but she came out of her shell nicely and answered. :) The doc couldn't tell if the arm was broken yet, and he advised that we get it X-rayed again or see an Orthopedic if it isn't better by the end of the week or Monday. They wrapped it and put it into a sling. She is doing pretty well with the sling now that she realizes that a sling doesn't mean that Mommy does everything for her. :)

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