Saturday, October 13, 2007

Practice at One Buc Place

Mike convinced Morgan that she should do the Bucs event even though she can't flip and stunt. So, we went off to One Buc Place this morning. The gym advised us to allow an hour to get there because USF was playing right next to the Buc's practice facility (of course, in past years it wouldn't have mattered but now everyone is a USF fan). Traffic is awful as expected, but then we just need to turn into the facility. It took 45 minutes to get through ONE light. There were policemen there too, but they didn't help. In fact, one of them kept yelling at us and trying to get us to go straight even though we kept trying to tell him that we needed to turn. Finally, we turn and then a policeman starts to pull the cars in the exit IN FRONT OF US. Of course, that did not make for a happy Amy. So, I put the car in Park and get out and yell to him that we had been waiting with the same pass they had. Finally, we get to park. Whew.

The Buc's facility is beautiful. The old one looked like a wanna be team, but the new one is very nice. Mike enjoyed the people scenery too as the Buc's cheerleaders led us to the practice field. As they practiced, some of the parents left to get something to eat. We went with that group to Chili's. Of course, the bar was packed with USF fans, so we couldn't sit together. But, we ate in the air conditioning. :) On the way back, they had every turn lane blocked off. It was insane. So, finally, Mike gets out and moves the cones so that we can go through. Thankfully, Tampa's finest policemen were just as lazy about that as they were when we needed assistance earlier. :)

Tennessee played Mississippi State today. That is always dicey because I hate for my Dad's team to lose, but of course I want my Vols to win. Thankfully, Tennessee did win after being doing early. Mark is in Nashville with Grams and Papa at the Georgia-Vandy game. So far, Georgia is winning 7-3. Kentucky has the ball and is only down by 3 points against LSU!!! Amazing. South Carolina and Kentucky are actually seeming to be good this year. Totally weird. :)

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  1. Yes, these Bulls fan came out of the wood works to jump on the bandwagon even though the team has been around for 9 years. It was sold out for the Bulls vs Knights game. Isn't it crazy?? Years ago, you would look around and see empty seats everywhere. I was at a USF vs Mountaineers game a couple of years ago and the stadium was packed then also. True fans stick by their team during all weather.