Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Uncle Mark!!!!

I didn't get to decorate his desk in the fashion I wanted, but I did bring the annoyingly loud cake that sings Happy Birthday and a PINK Happy Birthday banner to hang at his desk. Someone had already decorated in red and black, so it was quite festive. Mark picked Pei Wei for lunch, which is one of my favs. Everyone kept asking me how much I bribed him to go there. :)

In the afternoon, I get a call from Morgan asking when I would be at the gym. I told her that it would be about 45 mins. About 30 mins later, she calls again and is hysterical. She says that she tripped and fell on her arm again. UGH. I rush off to the gym, and she is laughing and having a grand ol time. So, I guess that was just a momentary thing or she just wanted me there.Gotta love it. I couldn't even be too mad as I was so happy that she was ok.

Her homework is usually done when I ger her, but not today. She can't write with her right arm, so she needed help. UGH....Thankfully, it wasn't too bad and didn't take too long. :) I wonder how many adults would pass the homework?:)

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