Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cheer Practice, Step, Tennessee Vols WIN, Diet

Saturday, Morgan had cheer practice for the Bucs game practice. On the 14th, they cheer in the halftime show of the Titans-Bucs game. Unfortunately, we don't have tickets, so I am driving some cheerleaders there. While she was at practice, I decided to go to a step aerobics class at Lifestyle gym. I haven't been to a step class in years, but I loved going years ago until I broke my ankle in the class. The teacher of this class had her granddaughter in the nursery. Holy cow did that woman teach a mean class! I did some of the class on the floor (instead of on the step), but I was happy to make it through the class in one piece. :) Of course, I am sore today.

My Volunteers woke up from their death bed and kicked some Georgia butt! Chris kept calling UGA a pitbull, and we kept laughing and calling them the Georgia Pitbulls. I wanted to be able to call Mark and laugh about it with him, but we have an unspoken rule that we don't call each other until the losing team person calls. Makes life easier. :) It is always hard when family teams play. I don't know where this Tennessee team has been, but they had great defense, good special teams, solid offense. Amazing. They even blocked a kick!!!!! I can't remember the last blocked kick. GO VOLS! This officially puts UT ahead of UF in the SEC East. At least that should make these Gators quiet around here. :)

I have done ok on the diet over the weekend - no cheating! I did notice that my fingers are smaller and my rings come off easily now. Why is it that the fingers are always the first part to lose weight? I think fingers could have been last on my list. :) I keep feeling very cold all the time. Not sure what is going on, but I feel like I have a fever but I don't. Today, I got my haircut for the first time in MONTHS. I can't believe how long my hair had gotten. I don't think it has ever been that long. She did a good job though, and it feels a lot better.

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  1. Yes fingers are the first part to loose weight :) when I am with my parents my rings will be too tight ……when I am with my husband my rings will easily come off LOL .

    And i can't wait to see ur hair cut :)