Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lady Luck

Remember how I said that I think I must have hit a bus full of nuns in a past life? It continues. Terri says it is because Saturn needs to move. I don't know what it is, but I am so ready for it to stop. As if my life hasn't been hectic enough lately, I hurry to the car this morning to take Morgan to Kelly (Morgan is out of school today and tomorrow), my battery is dead. The car won't start. Morgan frantically tries to turn out the light in the car before I notice it. UGH...She was reading last night, and she forgot to turn the light off. I usually check this because she has a bad habit of leaving it on. Somehow, we both missed it. Lovely. Morgan was so excited about getting to go to college classes with Kelly. I checked with the neighbors, but nobody was home. I called Mazda Roadside Assistance. After 10 annoying minutes on the phone, the sugary sweet voice tells me that I am over 50,000 miles and the service stops at 50,000 miles. Can it get better? OH yeah....I remember that Mike has AAA through work. So, I call him. He is on Central time, and I think he is thrilled that Morgan is calling. He gives me his AAA number. They say that they can't come unless Mike is on the premises. PLEASE. So, I am not the proud owner of my own AAA membership. It was going to cost the same to have someone come as it was to buy the membership, so at least I now have it for a year. :)

Work is crazy busy as we have project cut off on Monday and code cutoff the following Monday. I leave for the AAP show next Thursday and return on the following Tuesday. It is in San Fransciso. We are doing the Pediatric Challenge on Saturday, and the rest of the time I will be helping with he Pediatric Office of the Future exhibit. Bond was picked as the EHR for the exhibit, and we will be showing it off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. It is a lot of work preparing for these kinds of things. It is always more work than you think it is. The month of November is also a record setting month for Implementation. Wow, we are going to be BUSY.

I have done well with Weight Watchers. I love the points. It is kind of like a game. For example, the chick-fil-a fried sandwhich is 3 points more than the grilled. Is it worth it? I am saving my flex points for this Saturday when Morgan's gym has Casino night. I can't wait to practice for our Vegas trip in November (my birthday AND Thanksgiving. :)

With any luck, my bad luck streak will end. It would be nice just to have a "normal" week. :) Terri says Saturn doesn't move until December. I sure hope that is not the issue because I don't think I can take it for that long.


  1. Saturn takes 2.5 years to transit through sign this way it takes 30 years to transit all signs. In a given span of 30 years every individual is in direct attack of 12.5 years.7.5+2.5+2.5
    7.5 ----Lots of trouble
    2.5-----it will start to reduce
    2.5-----Will give lots of happiness and prosperity.

    I am sure u will be in last phase.