Monday, June 30, 2014

Incision Problems

The weekend went ok with the packing, except that is is still leaking a LOT. It is soaking through the packing and my clothes 2 - 3 times a day. I called the doc today because I am still having significant pain, and I am worried about how much it is still draining so much.

The nurse called back, and she said he is in surgery until the afternoon and that she would talk to him and call back. Her name is Jennifer, and I am starting to feel like we are old friends since I have talked to her almost every day recently. She called back later and said that he wants to call in an antibiotic. I checked with CVS later and saw that it was Flagyl and Cipro that he called in. I have an intolerance to Flagyl (they tell me it doesn't count as an allergy but it makes me sick). I called my BFF Jennifer back again, and she talked to him about it. He then called in Augmentin instead.

Because I am out of state, they called it to my Floridalocal pharmacy, and then I called the pharmacy here in SC. They transferred it to the local one here in SC so that we could pick it up. I am not sure what happened, but somehow it was transferred to the other CVS on the island, so my mom had to go to two places. :(

Morgan packed my wound with 5 sheets of dressing and mounds of tape, and it held up MUCH better. Of course, it seems like I have a diaper on my belly, but it is better than it leaking.

Tonight, my wound was bleeding some. I hope that is not a bad sign. Hopefully, it will not be bleeding tomorrow. 

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