Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday (Post Op Day 4)

Well, I made it to Friday. Still on gas watch. Doc says he still doesn't hear any bowel sounds. He said that I might have an ileum (a non-mechanical bowel obstruction) but that some people just take longer than others. He said he doesn't want to rush into investigating and wants to give it a little more time.  He says that my incision looks good and to keep walking and using my spirometer.

Mike came and took Morgan to horse, and I knew they needed some time away. So, they went back to the house and Morgan took a shower at home, played with Sophie, lounged around, etc. I took the opportunity to get some walking in alone. The staff at St. Joseph's was so fantastic. I had one nice lady whose name I cannot remember who would cheer for me when I went by the nursing desk. She was awesome. I will say that I definitely did at least a few extra laps over the days just to have her cheer and smile. Very encouraging. It wasn't just her though. Everyone was awesome. The guy Mark who cleaned the rooms was AMAZINGLY friendly and polite. He would always say hi if he saw me walking and ask how many laps I was up to for that day. He was very into the World Cup, so we talked about that some. Other techs and nurses would stop me and make conversation. I really felt like I was in an environment that was there to help me, and I think that is a big piece of healing. Once I got out of the ICU, I didn't have a single nurse or tech who I didn't think was awesome.

This was a video Morgan took of me during the day.

After work, Vera, Sarah, and Melissa came by the this amazing picture! We use Zoom at work for video conferencing, and it puts everyone in a square on the screen. They all got on a video conference and took a screen shot to print out for me. So, now, i have my work friends right there smiling at me. There are some noticeable people who didn't make the picture, and of course, there is my step-son Chris who didn't get his video camera to work in time so it says You Cam instead of his picture. :) This picture is awesome and I really, really love it. The hospital staff are amazed by it too. The did a lap with me pushing my IV pump around the floor to get the whole experience. :) It was so nice to see them.

Then, Travis came behind them and did another lap with me. He brought some "I found an error in my medical record" buttons. I didn't bring them out though because I hadn't found an error at St. Joseph's (yet anyway!), and I didn't want to make the natives hostile :)

Friends visiting makes the time go so much faster and the laps so much shorter. :)

Signing off. Very, very, very, very sick of ice chips. SO THIRSTY. Want flavor. Especially a popsicle. A banana one. Or a grape one.  One day.

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