Friday, June 27, 2014

Open Incision and Packing

This morning, we arrived at the doctor's office right at 8:15. Dr. Tran came to see me at 8:35. He sliced open my incision and drained a ton of nasty fluid. He wanted Morgan and I to look at it but it was gross. He said it was like a geyser. Lovely.

He showed Morgan how to pack my wound and said it needs to be packed twice a day. He gave us a bottle of the wound packing stuff, some long Qtip with a stick on one end, and some gauze. Here is some basic instruction.

Basically, she uses the stick to shove the packing in and to lay it over itself until the wound is full. Then, she lays a bunch of gauze dressing pads on it with the first one fitting inside the wound. Then, she tapes it all up. My dad and Katie have been her main assistants with Mike taking her place with the packing one night. It is a team effort and it is my least favorite time of the day. GROSS and it hurts. He said it would probably take two weeks. Fun, Fun, Fun.

We did make the trip to Hilton Head ok. Morgan and Katie took turns driving. I took two pain pills and a Valium and it made the trip tolerable. I was fairly loopy though and the girls laughed at me at times.

My parents just built an amazing new house in Hilton Head, and it has an elevator which makes it easier for me to move around. It also has an amazing deck with a beautiful view, so I can sit there and at least be in beautiful surroundings while recovering. I am also enjoying getting to spend some time with my family even though I can't do the beach or swimming. :( 

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