Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday (Post Op Day 6)

The doc came in around 9, and he said all looked good. I got moved from "full" liquids instead of just "clear"ones. He said that I can even move to soft food in the evening if that is going ok.

As I moved around this morning, I was excited because my gas factory was in full gear. It means I am healing ok. However, to my surprise, my first post-surgery BM decided to come! Yes, Poop! And quite a lot of it. It was very liquid.

When I was trying to clean up, I twisted too hard to the left and I really hurt my side. My pain immediately went to a 9/10. I was in tears and thought I had pulled something inside. I called the nurse and she told me that I probably didn't tear anything. I pushed greenie a lot and tried to calm down.  Finally, it got better, but it still was pretty difficult when walking. The day before I was walking 2 and 3 laps at a time, and now I was struggling to do a single lap. It was a little scary and depressing, but my pain was controlled with greenie. I just hated to push it as often as I was.

Mike came with a refresh of home supplies, and we just took it easy today.

The pet therapy people came again. This time it was a big dog. He was sweet.

It was around this time that the nurse brought me a diet pepsi. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Morgan and I watched the X Men movie. It really isn't my kind of movie, but it was pretty good anyway. :)

I was feeling better around dinner, so I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. It was so good. I felt like I was inching toward the land of the living again.

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