Thursday, June 26, 2014

YUCK, Leaking from my incision

Today, I woke up and my pajamas were soaking wet. I got very nervous. After trying to figure out what was happening, it continued to leak nasty yellow-red stuff. I called the doctor, and the nurse said he was in surgery and couldn't see me until tomorrow morning. It was a disgusting day of leaking through anything I could put there. Gauze dressing pads would be saturated in a couple of hours. I finally resorted to wads of toilet paper on top of the gauze dressing. The toilet paper would at least absorb more and keep it from leaking so quickly.

My incision is also burning, and I feel like I have a fever even though the thermometer insists that I don't. :)

Morgan had to take a test at school, so I rode with her driving and was going to sit in the parking lot waiting for her. Travis was nice and came to pick me up for some lunch and to drop off an application packet that needed to be mailed.  He has a range rover car, and I couldn't get in it. The security guard at the school asked if I needed help. I was so embarrassed, but I did finally get in. Then, Travis figured out that he could pull the car by a curb and that worked much better.  :)

I had to change the dressing twice during the night and I was aggravated that the surgeon couldn't see me before the next day because we are leaving Friday morning to go to my parents house for me to recover there for 2 weeks. We also had to pick Katie up at UF where she had been to a journalism camp. But, they promised to get me in and out quickly starting at 8:15 Friday morning.

I am ready to get tho leaking to stop. It is really nasty.

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