Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday (Post Op 3)

Mike came and took Morgan to horse this morning and Carmen came by to see me. It was nice to see her. I decided to step up my game walking and I worked up to TWO laps by the end of the day. I think I did 8 laps. It was nice.

It is about this point that you are either really lucky like I am to have fantastic support or you are really wishing that you had a different set of family and friends. :) Thankfully, I had two partners in helping me.

Mike has been the perfect support system for Morgan and I. He has come back and forth with whatever we needed whether that was jolly ranchers and Starbucks for Morgan each day or soft toilet paper and home supplies for me. He didn't complain about coming back and forth, and whenever I needed a leg moved, a pillow adjusted, a pole pushed, or a hand to get up, he was cheerfully there. It is really hard for me to ask for help, and he acted like he wanted to do it which made it so much easier for me to ask. I know it is tiring to work all day, drive kids around, remember to bring things back and forth, and then come and cheerfully help in not so fun ways.  Thank you Mike!!!

On my other hand, Morgan has been there staying with me each and every night. It is so nice to not have to worry about waking up alone in the hospital or to be looney in those late night or early morning hours. We all know that Morgan values her sleep, but it meant SO much to me that she was eager to help even in the middle of the night or (gasp) the early morning. She would even ask me if she heard me shuffling around or grumbling in the middle of the night if I needed help. But, I think most of all, Morgan provided laughter. She has a way of being silly and fun and entertaining that just lightens the mood. I really appreciated her "Momit" calls to which I would answer "Yes, Momit."

I can't emphasize how important it is to help friends and family if they have something happens and have to go to the hospital. GO VISIT THEM. Even if it is for 20 minutes. It really means a lot. If you can't visit, make silly videos and send them. Or text them something funny every day or send them something cheery for their room. It is really hard being in the hospital, and it is really a time where true friends completely make the entire experience. I feel very blessed.

On the gas front, there isn't any. My bowels don't have movement. The doc said that some people just take longer than others.

I am starting to get tired of ice chips. Some water would be good. Just water even. But even when the ice chips melt, I am being good and getting fresh chips. I have been tempted to just slam down the water, but I haven't.

I have my method of getting in and out of the bed down pat now. I put the back of the bed up all the way and then I flatten the legs part out by lowering it all the way. Then, I swing my legs around and push up with my arm at the same time. I can get back in bed alone now too but I really like it when Morgan or Mike straighten out the pad, move the pillows, pull the sheet out of the way, grab my second leg as I get in (kind of reverse I sit with my left leg on the bed and start to lean back while they put my right leg onto the bed for me and I lean back. Then, I use the arm rails to brace myself to scoot my butt back so that I am higher in the bed. I put the knees up and Morgan or Mike add a pillow under my knee).

I am still using quite a bit of greenie (my nickname for the green PCA button), but I am much more awake and I am really tolerating the pain pretty well by now with the PCA assisting me.

I had a nice treat today in that the pet therapy people came in. When Morgan is in the hospital, she always loves the pet therapy, so I was excited. I didn't get to have them sit with me on the bed like they do with Morgan, but I think that was probably so that they didn't accidentally hurt by belly. Bella was a Spaniel and she was very cute. Her mom brought her into the room in a stroller. Too funny.

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