Monday, March 29, 2010

Wachovia New ATM

I went to put some expense checks into the ATM this morning, and I was confused. Where did the envelopes go? What did they do with them? I was slightly annoyed thinking that I would have to come back later when they were open. Then, I saw, "Envelope-free Deposits" across the bottom. Interesting....

It says right on the ATM that you could deposit up to 30 at a time. I had 5, so that was cool. I stuck them in, and it sucked them in. It was pretty funny because I was a bit nervous. What if it ate them? What if it didn't associate with my account? How will this work? Next thing you know, it spits one of them back out. I notice as it spits it that it said to put the numbers on the right and the check face up. DOH...I didn't pay attention to that. Here comes another one! Then, three of the checks appear on the screen in mini versions of themselves. It tells me how much it thinks each check is and shows a deposit total that needs confirming. It also has another option to add more checks. So, I stick one of the rejects back in with the numbers to the right. It adds its cute picture to the screen and updates the total. HOT!

I decide to save one check so that I can do it again (I know, I am a geek). So, then, it gives the option to print a summary receipt or one with images. Sounds need, so I pick summary. The receipt lists all 4 checks with the amount of each and then the total. I deposit the other check and pick the image option. It is too cool. A mini version of the check is on it. I am in love with the ATM, and my brain is wondering what we could do with that technology in EMRs. Love it.

Now, I want to deposit more checks. :) Oh yeah, it also said that you get instant credit for cash now, and that the check deposit time is later now - 8pm!

Nice job Wachovia!!!


  1. I love Wachovia's new ATMs! I was really impressed I deposited cash and it counted up all the bills and gave me the total right on the money. Banking with Wachovia just got even better!! I like your blog

  2. I can't agree more! I've never deposited cash or checks into an ATM because I'm worried that they would not register properly and get lost in the machine. Now I'm not worried at all. What a great step forward!

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