Friday, April 2, 2010

Great Customer Service Again!

In a world that seems to have so much bad customer service or at least lacking spectacular service, I seem to have hit the jackpot this week.

I had purchased a wetsuit here in Tampa at a store that only sells wetsuits with sleeves. I generally really like this store, and they were very helpful. I had asked them about ones without sleeves, but they assured me that sleeves were what I needed.

Holly and Jen, the greatest tri coaches on the planet, were mortified when I told them that I got sleeves. They have taken me from someone who couldn't run at all and gotten me to do a half marathon and a triathlon so far, so I trust them a lot. So far, their advice has been right on target. So, when they said that the sleeves would be a pain in Florida because the water isnt usually that cold and that they feel restricted in the sleeves and have actually cut them off before, I listened. I returned the sleeved ones. However, we are doing a practice run this weekend in Holly's lake, and I really wanted to have my wetsuit to try it out.

So, I went online to a site that Holly sent out for Xterra wetsuits. I usually do a lot of research before I buy things like this, but for wetsuits the research seems a bit mixed. It seems to say that as long as you buy the best one you can afford that there isn't a lot of difference between the brands other than preference.

So, the other thing is that the Xterra site says that you can actually TRY the wetsuit in the water and you can return or exchange for up to 30 days. The store here in Tampa and the other online places I found said that you couldn't exhange if you wore it. I really liked that idea, so I decided to buy the more expensive one that didn't have sleeves. Due to the amazing discounts, it didn't turn out to be too bad. I got 2 day shipping. Whew. it would be here for the dry run. I rush off for my business trip not worrying about it.

Bing, I get an email. GRRRRRR....the wetsuit is on back order. Now, it is 9pm, and I have no wetsuit for the weekend. Worse, my computer is broken, so I am stuck using my phone.
The next dayI get an email from the Xterra person again saying that they do have a different model that she can overnight to me at no charge due to the inconvenience. She shipped it and it made it today. As I tried it on, I am still not sure what it will be like in the water, so I am very thankful that they let you try it. If I like it, I am keeping it due to the amazing service. She even emailed and called today to make sure that the credit was applied to my credit card as this model was cheaper.

As I was in a panic, I did order a Zoot from Amazon as well. i did get it also today, so my Amazon service level just keeps kicking butt too. It is more expensive though, and I am not sure I like the fit of it as much as the Xterra. Plus, if i wear it in the water, I am done. Cheers to Xterra for the service and the ablity to TRY the wetsuit in the water.

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