Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Holiday Inn Carondelet Vs Hilton Garden Inn- New Orleans Hotel Comparison

I decided that these two hotels needed to have their very own post. Keep in mind that Mike is a frequent traveler to both, so you would assume frequent traveler treatment.

We start with the view

Holiday Inn (nice view of an alley wall)

Hilton Garden Inn View - Nice view of the city

Bed at the Holiday Inn - Notice that even though the front desk continuously said we had a queen bed (the reservation was for a King, the "queen" matress does not even fit the queen head board. What kind of hotel room has ONE double (full) bed in it??? Also, notice the wimpy mattress that isn't even as tall as the night stand.

Hilton Garden Inn Bed - notice the nice fluffy mattress that is taller than the night stand. Notice that the bed is a nice size (king) and notice that the bed fits the headboard. As an added bonus, the room has a mini fridge and microwave.

Ahhh...Holiday Inn at its best. This is supposed to be the thermostat. I know, I know, it is a lot to ask that you be able to adjust the temperature of your room. FOUR DAYS of requesting a new room - nothing until 5 hours before check out time. Unbelievable.

This sign cracked me up (well, after I finished cussing about it). I supposed that if you yank the thermostat out of a hotel room so that people are baking, that COULD count as conserving energy. Interesting...

Generally a dumpy hotel room - AND SMALL
Nice decorations at Hilton Garden

Nice, spacious, clean lobby (with a nice breakfast) at the Hilton Garden

Mike gives the Holiday Inn Carondelet in New Orleans two thumbs down. Amy adds her two thumbs to make it four thumbs down.

We think there should be some new commercials....
Hey, you look tired. You just don't seem to be on your game. Oh, I just slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Trust us, if you are staying in New Orleans near the Quarter and are choosing between Holiday Inn and the Hilton Garden Inn (they are approximately the same price), PICK THE HILTON!

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