Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday at Mardi Gras

Happy Engagement Anniversary Mike! We got engaged on Super Bowl Sunday 4 years ago!)

Harry Lee was a sherrif in the New Orleans area, and he died recently. He was honored in the parade. A nice tribute, or maybe a little creepy, was given by throwing miniature Harry Lee doll looking magnets into the crowds. Mike brought some home to share the creepiness with our kids by hanging them on the fridge. I want my face on an aligator float and minature doll magnets to be thrown to drunk people at Mardi Gras. That's hot.

FUN MIKE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I like these drinks. Kidney stone? What kidney stone? These beads are fun. Can we go play craps now?

Scary, Mike with a spear at Mardi Gras

Talk about scary. This dude had some issues. He was really excited about this hood that was thrown from the float. He was a pretty cool guy though.

Cool float. Look at all the trash everywhere. It is always amazing to see all the trash and then to see it all cleaned up by the morning.

Gotta love girls walking around with no shirt on and paint on their boobs. Yes, honey, we can still see them.

Annoying bead snatching man and a float. This guy would snatch beads from right in front of people. This is definitely in the top ten list of how not to win friends at Mardi Gras

Gotta love the creative spirit and the all American male

I am sure his momma is proud

LOOK! It's Chandrashekar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chandrashekar, his friends, FUN Mike at Court of Two Sisters

Super Bowl Sunday at Mardi Gras in New Orleans!!! Woo Hoo! We watch parades and hang out on Sunday. We got lots of beads, wandered down Bourbon, had big beers, and loved every minute of it. We ate breakfast on the lovely paper plates at the hotel, and we ate roast beef po boys at Court of Two Sisters on Bourbon (at the quick place off of Bourbon - not the fancy restaurant). Chandrashekar from Gebbs is working on an assignment in New Orleans, and he called to get together. He and his co-workers met us at Court of Two Sisters. It was really great to meet Chandrasheker after spending countless hours on the phone and in email. I always thought he did a good job but that his hands were tied at Gebbs with poor management and shady ethics (trying to hide issues so that they didn't have to re-write things). He said that they would rejoice when Morgan had a dentist appointment or something becasue they knew that they would get out of a call.

After meeting with Chandra, we started walking back to the hotel. We didn't realize there was a parade going on, and we got stuck at Canal and Bourbon. There was a wacky guy there with some sign telling everyone that they were going to hell. The sign was rather large and annoying. I asked him if he would move somewhere else, but he said that is where he wanted to be. I told him that I thought people would get hurt, and he said that it wouldn't be him so he didn't care. Nice Chrstian thoughts. We discovered that being next to him was actually a pretty good thing though as the floats would throw big bags of beads at his sign. We got some of the best beads of the trip standing there. Several fights broke out while we were waiting also, and a man, lady, and little boy were taken away. It must be awful to be a 3 year old boy and watch your mom get dragged away in handcuffs. I guess the man was with them, but I am not sure. One of the policemen said it was a fight over plastic beads, but he did say that she didn't get arrested but was just taked somewhere farther away and warned.

When we finally could cross, we went to the hotel to get rid of some stuff and to watch some of the Super Bowl. I watched in sadness as I realized that none of my super bowl numbers were winners. We decided to go watch the parade down by Harrah's on the canal side so that we could go to Harrah's, parades, and Bourbon street regardless of when the parade was over. We had our big bears in our cajun koozie (the brown paper bag that fits over your beer). :) After a while of watching the parade, we went to Harrah's to play Craps. We ended up playing until 6am, and we both won!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the Larry school of craps!!! We had it going on, and we were even playing hard numbers. :) We played for the dealer, and we had a great time. My feet hurt SO badly, and I was so happy to get into bed.

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