Sunday, February 10, 2008

1st Place and 2nd Place

Poor Morgan did not feel well today, but she was certainly a trooper because she didn't want to let her teams down. We started the morning with Advil, and we alternated Tylenol with Advil all day to try to help her feel better. The mini team rocked and got 1st place again (undefeated at 3 for 3). The youth team did well, but they had 9 girls with strep throat and Alexis hurt her neck and couldn't perform. A girl from a different team filled in for her and learned the whole routine in the morning. She did amazing. Morgan got a little dizzy during her tumbling, but she did really well. She wanted to go straight home, so they let us leave early. I was shocked to see her temperature was 103.8 when we got home. That was AFTER a lot of tylenol and motrin. I got some fluids in her, some food, her next dose of antibiotic, more motrin, and more tylenol, and I finally got it down to 100.8. Crazy. Needless to say, she will be home from school tomorrow. After the run in about the antibiotic I sent to school with her last time, I can't even imagine the school nurse's call if she went to school.

It was so nice to walk out of the fair with Morgan wearing two medals and a trophy. Last year, her team was in 5th or 6th place. What a nice change.

I finally got my Mardi Gras posts and pictures in, so go back some posts to catch up!

As of my counter, I hit some big milestones this week. I have now saved over $1,000 that I would have spent on cigarettes. I have also added 21 days to my life and chosen to NOT smoke over 6,000 cigarettes. WHOA. That is a LOT. I am so proud of myself. 8 months, 35 lbs, exercising, big changes.


  1. LOVE the pics!!! You look so cute!

    They allow girls to walk around like THAT?!?! and NOT get arrested?????

  2. Congrats to Morgan and her team(s)! That is so exciting.

    And congrats to you on all of those accomplishments! I just hit the 40 lb mark a couple of weeks ago, and it feels so great!