Monday, February 4, 2008

Lundi Gras

Mike enjoying Mother's
It was fun reading the articles on the wall at Mother's. The couple in front of us pointed out a picture of some cardiologists eating friend shrimp and oyster po boys. :) Good for the heart.
The band entertaining until Rex, Kind of the Carnival, arrives
It was very cool watching the water spray so high
The coast guard carrying Rex (the Kind of Mardi Gras)

The colors being flown on the Coast Guard Ship
Mike standing at the Mississippi river (looking at the Cajun Country map)

The Ferry to Algeers and a Riverboat
Gotta love the Captain! Steve, we didn't tell him about the bar mat. Don't worry

The Monday before Mardi Gras is called Lundi Gras. We slept in, and then I spent several hours trying to figure out how to get the release out the door. Once satisfied, we called Larry to thank his for the craps lessons, and then we went to Mother's for Shrimp Po Boy sandwhiches. Mother's definitely has one of if not the best Shrimp Po Boy. We talked to a nice couple who lives there (he was a surgeon), and a group of people from Peru. One the way there, I couldn't remember exactly where it was, so I turned on the Navigator. As the group from Peru approached us and asked how to get to Mother's, I told them that we were going there too but that I needed to follow the GPS. It was pretty funny walking through the streets based on the driving directions. We found it though. :)

After lunch, we went down tot he river for the Lundi Gras festivities. There was a stage where bands could play, and we had a good time with our big beers, the music, and the view of the Mississippi river. We went to the mall for a quick bathroom break and suffered through the long lines (of course, the men's line was quick). Then, we hung out in Brookstone in the new massage chairs and the foot massage machine. Man, that felt GOOD! I had always wanted to see what those rodeo looking exercise machines were like. I am not sure that is for me. :) We got a hurricane and went back by the river (after multiple restroom trips through the line and a trip through a cooking store looking for a recipe book). We got out just in time to see Rex, the King of the Mardi Gras Carnival, arrive on a US Coastguard boat. It was very cool. I had never been to this event, and I have since learned that it is a newer portion part of Mardi Gras. I guess it used to happen long ago (first one in 1874 but the name Lundi Gras was not applied until 1987 when the tradition was brought back).

After the arival of the King, we watched the fireworks over the river. They were really nice. Then, we walked to Harrah's. Unfortunately, this was not our night, and we lost the money were allocated to play with (of course, we kept most of it at the hotel). Mike drug me away, as I wanted to try again. :) Sometimes, he is really smart. :) We ate at Fudrucker's at the casino on our comps, and we did get the rolling cooler/chair gift out of them. :)

I should also mention that we never did get to move rooms. I forgot to provide that update, but every time we tried to move, they said they were overbooked and didn't have anything.

So, Monday night, it was HOTTTTTTT in our room. It was unbearable. Mike had cold wash clothes against him to cool off, and I was miserable. Now, I don't usually get that bad in the heat, so that should tell you how bad it was. Mike, who likes it cold, was drenched and soaked. Of couse, our lovely room didn't even have a thermostat to change the temperature (not that the hotel had cared up to this point). I called down to the desk and complain again about the temperature and about not having a thermostat to adjust it. So, they send some maintenance man to our room. Mike is not happy that this guy is coming to the room at 5am, but he gets dressed and has him come in. They guy says, "Oh, there isn't a thermostat." NO SHIT!!!!!!!! So, the front desk lady then says, "Well, we can move you to another room." At that point, it was a very good thing I didn't have a weapon. I told her that I was insulted that she would offer to move us when we had been trying to do just that for 4 days. Unelievable. So, I plaster wet washclothes on me and I finally get a little sleep.

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