Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sick Again

I have been battling with this stupid kidney stone already this week, and I was really bummed that the Gasparilla 5K race was not sounding very fun. I decided that I would go and just walk most of it. Since I kind of started the whole idea at the office, I felt like it wouldn't be fair of me not to go. So, Heather C and I were going to leave early to pick up Abhijeet on our way. Mike S, Mark Mcc, Luz, and Debbie were also running or walking. Linda went through a lot of trouble to book it all, and Bond even paid our entry fee.

At 4 in the morning, Morgan comes into our room crying. She is burning hot, and I know she has a fever. I take it after searching for the thermometer and advil in my sleep, and her temp is 102.1. UGH. Since Michael had his first baseball practice of the season, Katie had a parade and her first softball practice of the season, Morgan had a birthday party in the afernoon, and I had the race in the morning, it was already going to take quite a bit to get it all done. Morgan was going to go with Mike to baseball and the parade. Well, I knew at 4 am that it wouldn't be that way now. So, I emailed to the crew and let them know that I was stuck. I am really bummed. Heather also called at 6 to tell me that her whole house has a stomach bug. Poor thing. I understand that everyone else did well though.

I took Morgan to the doctor, and the strep was negative. Since she just finished antibiotics on Tuesday, he thought we should wait a day to see how she does before starting more. We had no sooner walked through the door when the phone range. Her test had turned positive after we left. So, we got back in the car and she got a shot of Rocephin again. He gave her Omnicef this time - 1.5 tsps once a day for 7 days. Gotta love it. Of course, for the second time, this is the saturday before her cheer competition with a fever. Loving it.

We hung out at home today recovering. We were both pretty pitiful. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Mike did make Jambalaya for dinner. It was very spicy but good. We all watched Bring it on 4, and I thought it was awful. I thought the first 3 were better. This one had way too much sexual references in it for me to feel comfortable with Morgan watching it.

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