Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday at Mardi Gras

Hair of the Dog to start the day - Gotta love Big Beers for $4

Hanging with Mike, Beth, and Stacy

Something about seeing the Flag being carried that gives me goosebumps. (Not sure what the dude with the beads is doing)

Ahhh...New Orleans. I had forgotten how fun it can be. We started the morning with breakfast at the hotel. The line was pretty long, but the food wasn't too bad. They had eggs, biscuits and gravy (don't even want to think about WW points for that!!!), cereal, milk, bagels, bacon, sausage. Pretty standard. We ate there, and then we called Beth to see what they were doing. Beth is on her way to the parade, so we agree to meet at St. Charles and Canal.

As the parade is going, we start catching some beads and talking to a local couple. They are kind enough to share the King Cake that they brought from home. It was yummy. They were very cool. Mike and I bought necklaces for the girls that are gold wire bent into their names and then have a hanging heart with their birthstone. Mike and I think that we should learn to make these as we watch Leroy making a ton. Beth and her friends arrive, and we have a good time hanging with them at the parade. We end up walking to Bourbon to eat at the Bourbon House Restaurant. It was really good. We had some oysters and po boy sandwiches. Apparently, I was slurring my words a bit, but it was lots of fun hanging with them. We go back and check out more parades. We run by the room to drop off our loot, and then we head to Harrah's. We hav a great time playing, but we didn't really win much. Beth says that she has some comp meals at Harrah's, and she offers to take us to dinner. We went to Riche, and it was delicious. I had a steak that was very good. Mike and I are fading at this point, and we head back to the hotel. :)

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