Monday, January 25, 2010

Morgan in a bow!

Morgan doesn't like me to do her hair, and I don't think she has worn a bow in her hair that wasn't required for cheer in YEARS. But, she bought this bow yesterday at JamFest and loves it. She even let ME do her hair. Amazing. She looked so cute.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nine Miles

WOO HOO! We are back from our ski vacation, and I went for my long run that I missed while I was gone. I would have done it Saturday, but I decided to wait until I was back to do it as it was COLD there. Well, shocker, it was 26 degrees last night in Florida. DOH. So, I ran at 10:45 instead of early in the morning when it was more like 40. Much better.

I did the 5 minutes run with 30 seconds water walk, and I averaged 11:59 min per mile. :) BARELY under 12. I am proud though as my heart rate average was 5 beats a minute less than when I did 8 miles. :) My legs are pretty tired, but I did it!
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Untitled

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cousins in the Snow

We have had a great time in Utah. last night, we played bunko and hand
and foot until well after 1:00. We celebrated New Year's in eastern,
central, mountain, and pacific. The kids had a great time. Morgan fell
asleep before midnight and was a bit grumpy when we woke we up. We had
sparkling cider toasts, and it was my first sober new year's in over
20 years. It was a lot of fun, and I even felt good enough to run this
morning on the treadmill. This altitude gives running a whole new
twist, but I did it!!

Yesterday, we went skiing in Park City. The kids did really great, and
Chris, Morgan, Katie and I even went down the long run from the
freezing cold top of the mountain. Morgan didn't even fall one time!
Katie was having a hard time turning, and she went straight down the
bottom third of the mountain screaming her head off and flying. Mark
went chasing after her and caught her near the bottom. chris said he
couldn't stop so he just kept going. :) it was a lot of fun. We loved
Park City skiing, but we all preferred the equipment at Snowbasin. The
girls loved skiing with Sophia. She is really great and has such a
great attitude.

Today, we are hanging out at Bubba and Linda's, and the kids are
playing in the snow. The girls are building a now fort to protect them
from the boys. :)