Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday in Nashville

Today, we hung out at Grams and Papa's for a lot of the day. We had a good time working on the picture book, playing games, and chatting.

We went to the Cool Springs Mall, and we shopped at Justice and the Mac Authority store. Man, tha ipad is cool. I want one. Love it. It really seems like a great tool.

I went swimming at the Y in the afternoon. Grams and Papa had a dinner party that night, so we stayed and got to say hi to their guests. One of them was a chaperone on a choir trip I went on to New Orleans, and one was my German and English teach in high school. Too funny.

We went to dinner with Heather, Ashley, and Brittney at the Logan's Steakhouse. We had a great time catching up, swapping stories, and giggling at old times. :)

We watched Biggest Loser after dinner, and it was so good. We loved that Melissa went home again. WHEW. She was SOOOOOOO annoying!

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