Monday, April 5, 2010

Trip to Nashville

Today, we went to Nashville to visit my parents for spring break. The silly school systems here divide up spring breaks in the area so that they are not at the same time. Obviously, they didn't come from a blended family. So, Morgan has spring break this week, and Chris, Katie, and Michael have it NEXT week.

So, to be fair, I took Morgan to Nsahville, and Mike is taking the kids camping. That way everyone got to do something fun for the break.

I got up early and went for a 9 mile run. We had plenty of time, and we got to the airport VERY early. Morgan has told me 5 times that her stomach hurts, but her stomach always hurts. I didn't really think anything about it. As we are in the security line, she has the international I am going to throw up sign. She has her hand over her mouth with a look of terror in her eyes. I ask if she is going to be sick. She nods. Lovely. I see no bathroom on this side of security. I see a trash can and point Morgan to it. JUST IN TIME! She hurls right into the trash can. I think I will always remember the look of horror on the other passengers faces. She is a trooper though and makes it through security. She says she feels better and says she wants some gum to get the tast out of her mouth.

We make it onto the plane. We haven't even taken off, and she pukes again. Thank goodness for barf bags. The poor man sitting next to us was probably wondering WHY he picked that seat next to us since it was Southwest and he could sit wherever he wanted. There was a fantastic flight attendant who was great at helping us. She took the puke bag, gave napkins, and handed a trash bag. She offered a wet rag and was very nice. Morgan happened to have an extra shirt in her backpack. I provided a shield while she changed. Whew, thank goodnesss!

We arrived in Nashville in one piece. Morgan slept for most of the flight thankfully. Papa had a phenergan pill, and we gave Morgan half of it. She slept most of the afternoon while we ate Chick Fil A (LOVE that chargrilled and fruit salad) and worked on Mom's picture book of their cruise.

It was so great to be home, and it was nice after dinner when Morgan felt better. We had Sonic for dinner, and Morgan had some light food for dinner. Of course, the Sonic forgot Papa's chicken nuggets. Grams was good and went back to get them.

We watched the final NCAA game, and we were all pulling for Butler simply because it was such an amazing journey. Of course, the lost at the last minute, but I thought they did an amazing job against all odds. I like Duke though, so I wasn't disappointed.

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