Thursday, March 4, 2010


HIMSS HIStalk 2009

HIMSS HIStalk Reception 2010 (70 lbs later)

WOW, HIMSS was awesome this year. I had a really great trip. I went up Monday morning because we finished the race in Tampa on Sunday. Heather and I were on the same flight, and we couldn't get checked into the hotel due to the LONG lines. I had to break my boycott of Hilton as that is where the company had rooms. Oh well.. :)

The booth was amazing. Marketing really did a great job of changing it. Monday night, I went to the HIStalk reception at Max Lagers. I was So excited for many reasons. One, it is my absolute favorite part of HIMSS. Two, I had been waiting all year to have a new picture made as it was the nasty picture of me from last year that really stuck with me over the last year as I was losing weight. Three, I get to wear a sash, and I love them! :) My sash this year was "Interim Final Inga" modeled after the "Interim Final Rule" of the ARRA HITECH stimulus program. Very, very clever Inga! There was also an "Interim Final Mr. H", and he was also an ex-Misys guy. How funny is that. I enjoyed talked to everyone. It is amazing how that reception draws so many smart people every year. Not only are there smart people, but there are FUN people too!

Dr. Alexander kicked off the festivities and did an awesome job. It was so great to see him again. Jonathan Bush was hysterical again in presenting the awards. After the awards, I got to get my new pictures. I need to get some from cameras, but at least I have these until then. :) What a difference a year and 70lbs makes!

After the HIStalk reception, I was pretty happy due to the fantastic beer at Max Lager. The service was so great that I enjoyed the beer a LOT. I had not had beer in quite some time. It was YUM. The Eclipsys party had the B52's. I absolutely LOVE the B52's, so it was fantastic to see them in person again. I have seen them a few times in concert, and they don't ever disappoint. It was a fantastic party!

Tuesday, we met up with some Cisco guys for dinner. My brother Mike's fraternity brother was one of them. It is such a small world. Matt and Mike were really fun, and we enjoyed Two Urban Licks restaurant. I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, we ate at the Hilton hotel at Nikolai's Roof. It was a multi-course meal, and it was very good. The wait staff was great, and we had a great time telling stories and relaxing after HIMSS.

Thursday, I traveled home to get ready for my Washington, DC trip! Another HIMSS done!

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