Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday (Post Op Day 5)

FINALLY!!!! At 4:05 am, I finally farted. Blare the trumpets and put out the news release. AND BRING ON THE POPSICLE!!!!

I immediately called the nurse. She says she will tell the doc when he comes and he will "probably" start me on clear liquids. I would like to see him try to wait. :) I happily counted my "gas" until he arrived around 9. I was beaming ear to ear and told him. I guess he hears this all the time or something because he wasn't nearly as excited as I was. :)

He started me on clear liquids, said the incision looked good. Keep walking. Stay in pain control. If I get nauseated, back off because the body just might not be quite ready yet.

I called the nurse for a popsicle. "We don't carry popsicles," the nurse says. What???? I have never heard of a hospital without popsicles. Oh well. They had lemon italian ice. That and shasta sprite like drinks. Yum. It was way better than ice chips. I savored every minute of my throat feeling the cold liquid. I went slowly but I repeated it until I didn't feel so freeing thirsty.  Glorious!

Mike and Morgan brought me back a banana popsicle when they came. Awwwww..... it was SO good. Otherwise, I walked and pushed greenie and ate some broth and italian ices.

Banu, Sarathy, and Anish came by today, and Anish brought me a get well picture. :)
Thanks Anish! i talk to Banu so much at work that it is so weird to not have talked. She had me in stitches over her C Section story where she refused to get out of bed to walk. Hysterical. Sarathy educated us on the World Cup as we hadn't been following it as much as we should.

 Pain was pretty controlled. Walking was awesome. I was told that it was 14 laps to make a mile, so i decided I was going to go a mile.  I was at 11 laps around 7:30pm.

Unfortunately, around 8 pm, i started having really bad pain.  Like the worst pain in days. I was in tears. I guess what happened is that I didn't push my friend greenie and I walked so much. The combination wasn't good. So, it took a while I resting and pushing greenie before I finally relaxed. I then stayed on greenie for a while to be sure. I decided the mile was less important than feeling well, so I am happy with my 11/14th of a mile.

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