Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday (Post Op 2)

Today was pretty good. I finally could stay awake long enough to have a conversation. I was still sleepy and slept a lot of the day, but I felt like I was coming back. No bowel sounds yet so only ice chips are allowed. I think I forgot to mention that I started getting ice chips yesterday afternoon. They are heaven after nothing. I was sooooo thirsty. I am still soooo thirsty. I am getting an IV with fluids, but I am always thirsty. I am so thankful to have a toothbrush that I can brush my teeth and spit it out and water to just swish around and ice chips. I also used lip balm a lot to moisten my lips.

Today, Lisa and Mark came to see me. It was so nice to catch up with them. Morgan had horse, so Mike took her and they escaped hospital land for a while. Lisa and Mark did a lap with me around the floor. By the end of the day, I got up to doing a whole lap (the hall had short cuts where you could do about half the loop, 2/3, 3/4 or all of it).

Lisa brought me this beautiful bracelet that says Partner's in Crime on the charm. It is so awesome, and I can't wait to ditch the hospital bracelet for this one :) Thank you Lisa!

I am not having any problems peeing, butt he elusive gas will not come. I have heard a LOT of fart jokes by now. Never thought I would spend so much time trying to fart. :)

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