Saturday, June 14, 2014

Today's Mission - Update Advance Directives

It may not be the most exciting goal for a Saturday, but my goal for today was to wrap up some loose ends for work, help celebrate Father's Day early for Mike since I won't be able to tomorrow, watch Morgan ride Riley, and to update my Advance Directives before surgery.

This morning, I got up early and took Morgan to ride Riley. I love watching her ride him. She looks so free and seems to have so much fun.

After that I rested for a long time and worked on wrapping up some things for work before my surgery. It is stressful leaving things open and worrying about what will happen. I feel better now that I got a lot of those things finished. I did have to take pain medicine as I was really not feeling well. I had the same issue yesterday which makes me really glad that I am scheduled for Monday. I have this fear of it perforating before I can get to surgery especially since the doctor said the last three he scheduled had perforated before he got them on the table.

Mike opened his father's day presents and we talked about my Advance Directives. We haven't had that conversation in a long time. I wrote out a new form and made sure to put all the details down. I do not want to live like a vegetable or be unable to enjoy my family. In those cases, I do not want heroic measures. I have to find two witnesses who are not my medical surrogate or a blood relative, so i guess I can do it at the hospital when I get there or get a neighbor to do it tomorrow. I really think that we should be more open and talk about these things when we have the choice. Why is it so taboo to express our wishes? I guess I am really crossing the line talking about colons AND advanc directives. I mainly want to be sure that my family knows my wishes so that they aren't burdened with making decisions that might cause guilt. Hopefully, they won't need it for a long time, but I feel better knowing it is there.

We then went to a dinner for Father's Day since i can't eat tomorrow. Mike even got a free bottle of steak sauce. :)  It was a nice relaxing day. I am glad I got to spend it with Mike and Morgan.

Tomorrow is PREP DAY. I am using a new type of prep so hopefully it won't be too bad. 

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