Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bucs Game

We got up this morning, and I washed Morgan's hair in the sink. It brought back all kinds of memories of Grams doing that for me as a child. We dried her hair, and then we used a curling iron to smooth it out. Morgan even said that I did a good job of putting her hair up in a ponytail. :)

Mike and I both drove to the gym in case they needed extra drivers, but there were plenty of drivers. I told Mike he could go, but he said that he would rather watch the game on TV. Carrie and Tresta rode with me, so it was fun to have adults around. :) We parked at HCC (which I learned is Hillsborough Community College). About halfway there, I learned that Denise and Mara were following me. LOL I had no idea what HCC was. :) Glad that it was close to the stadium and on the map.

We ride in a bus over to Dock C where we stand in the sun and wait. Of course, there is no restroom and all of us (kids included) need to find one at this point. The kids practice, and the adults talk. Sometime after 2:00, they open the gate. This MEAN lady in pink starts yelling at us. She is mean to us and mean to the kids. We can't figure out why she is mean, but we try to do as she says and stand against the wall. Then, they realize that the Wildcats should be at the front since they go on first. So, the parents go up to be next to the kids. Mrs. Pink is NOT happy. She asks, "Did you just come up to the front of the line? I told you to stand there and that all of you will get to see your kids." My new friend Tresta holds her hands up and says, "I can't understand a thing you are saying." Of course, we could hear her, but it sent the message. She finally left us alone.

They took us onto the field a few minutes before the game was over. That was pretty cool. I haven't ever been on a pro field before during a game, so it was neat. With about 1 minute to go in the half, they started walking us around the field. The Bucs players started running to their tunnel as we were rounding the corner. Carrie started taking pictures, but the pink ladies didn't like that. They quickly steered her toward the sideline. :) We got to kneel down at the 20 yard line. The kids came running out onto the field. They looked so cute. They did the routine well. I know you are wondering what in the world Morgan does with her arm in a sling. :) She was a front spot and did some cute poses. It was very nice that they included her even after she got hurt. She was pretty bummed that she didn't get to tumble, but she had fun anyway.

After the game, we rode the bus back to "the HCC." We dropped our passengers off and headed to Borders (I can't WAIT until the bookstore (is it Border's?) opens in Wesley Chapel. Morgan got 3 Series of Unfortunate Events books. She is on #8. Then, we met Mara, Denise, Craig, and Damain at Beef O Brady's. The kids had fun playing, and the adults had fun talking. It was Mara's birthday (29 I think). Happy Birthday Mara!

What a nice Sunday. Beautiful day. Fun events. Family time. Can't beat it. :)

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  1. Glad to hear that they included morgan !!!She looks cute....