Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun Day

Today was a fun day. I had a really good time at work today, and then I got to go to step aerobics AND to do my week 1 day 2 couch to 5 k program. We are crazy busy at work trying to get many clients live,to get the release wrapped up by Nov 15, and to get ready for the AAP show this weekend in San Francisco. We are excited about showing off Clinician in the Pediatric Office of the Future. If you are going to the show, stop by on Saturday to watch us do the Pediatric Challenge. Hopefully, we wlll do as well this time as the last. :) We missed our project cut off, but hopefully all of the projects will make it tomorrow except for one. That one is the known troublemaker in this release, so I will cut it some slack. Our implementation team is ROCKING! I can't believe how many clients we have going live in November. We seem to have hit our groove there.

Step class was fun, but I like the Saturday and Thursday classes better. Not sure why exactly, but I just do. It was still fun though. According to my Polar F4, I burned 444 calories in the class (I was late and missed the first 10 min). It says I burned 339 calories in the Couch 2 5k program. I used the podcast found here today. It tells you when to run and walk, so it makes it a little easier to follow. I wasn't sure I would like the electric music sound in it, but I actually did and bopped right along. I was surprised how fast it went (wonder if I will be saying that in a few weeks!). Anyway, I feel so good. I am SO glad that I decided to start Weight Watchers and to start exercising. So far today, I have used 19 points. I just might have some popcorn in a few minutes (only 2 points!). I found the Orville Redenbacher Natural Buttery salt and black pepper variety. It is very different, but it is very good.