Monday, October 15, 2007

Mike in his adorable gown pre-procedure

Mike's procedure went well today. Of course, he was out of control at the hospital. He had the nurses in stitches. Apparently, he thought he was in New Orleans with one of his clients, and the staff had a good time teasing him after. Then, he was a nurse's worst nightmare by trying to make his vital signs change. For example, he would breathe in and out really fast to mess with the respirations and try to get his heart rate down really low. Thankfully, he had nice nurses. :)

They told him to start with something easy like soup and crackers. So, we stopped at Boston Market to get some soup. I cracked up when he orderd the spicy chicken soup. So much for taking it easy. :)

He seemed to have minimal pain, so I didn't even get to torment him with the "It's only pain" line. Oh well. I am thankful that it went well and is over. Results should be back in 3 - 5 days.

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