Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beating Heart and Gambling

Morgan had cheer practice from 9 - 11, so I took her to the gym and was headed to step class. My friend Liz told me on Friday about her Polar F4 watch. I have been fascinated by the Body Bugg that can measure how many calories you burn for a couple of weeks now, but the $400+ price was a good deterrent. However, Liz says there is a watch called the Polar F4 that will do the same thing and is around $75!!! I get so excited by the little things. So, on the way to aerobics, I stop at Target for my early Birthday present. :) It is Bond Blue (ok, maybe not exactly but it is a light blue), and you program it with your age, weight, height, and heart rate goals. You wear a little black strap on your chest, and it transmits it to the watch. HOT. So, I didn't have a lot of time to play with it before class, but I did get my info entered. Then, I went to step. Uncle Mark came with me to step (He said he hadn't been since a girl drug him back in High School or College). I quickly decided it was the perfect place for Mark as it was all girls. :) I excitedly look at the Polar to see what it said and it told me that I exercised for 51 minutes and burned 578 calories! They always say step is about 600 calories, so I guess I know that is about right now. It showed my average heart rate (159) and my highest heart rate (178). How cool is that. I spent the rest of the day doing tests. How much does my heart rate increase if I walk around the downstairs 4 times? If I do 10 jumping jacks? If I run up the stairs? It was way too much fun. Then, Mike wanted to join Morgan and I in the Couch to 5K program, so we all set out for the Week 1 Day 1 activity. We walked "briskly" for 5 minutes. Then, we jogged for 60 seconds, walked for 90, jogged for 60, walked for 90 for 20 minutes. We finished with a 5 minute walk. Awesome. Mike and I thought it was perfect, but Morgan was "bored" the whole time. Since she works out 5 days a week and does PE/recess, she was more advanced that we were. We will see how she keeps up. :)

My Vols suck. There is no other way to put it. In some ways, I am happy as I think Fulmer will be gone after this year. As I have said before, I have nothing against Fulmer. I have always enjoyed having him as our coach. I just think we need a new one - fresh blood. I was a little nervous after the Georgia game that he might have earned another year. However, I think the BEATING inflicted by Alabama will seal his fate.

Saturday night was Casino night for the Florida Wildcats as a fundraiser. It was SO much fun. It started at 7 and ended at midnight. The gambling began at 7:30 (although, one of the "dealers" told us that they have to use the smaller tables or the state considers it gambling. I thought that was hysterical. It isn't gambling as long as it is a smaller table!). We all got $15,000 in play money to gamble with. The tickets were $25 a piece, bu they included this play money and dinner. We knew there was a cash bar, but as we get there, they are collecting money for a drink bracelet. It turned out that it was $10 for all you can drink (alcohol as well!). What a pleasant surprise. So, we started out by getting some dinner. The food was really good, but it was a little hard to figure out how many points I was using. I had saved my weekly "extra" Flex points for this night, so I figured it would be hard to mess up. We played Roulette first. Mike did really well there, but I didn't. I see that my friend Rachel is playing craps, and the table seems to be the rowdiest. So, of course, I have to join that table. :) We have a blast playing craps, laughing, and drinking. Rachel is looking hot. We used to live across the street from her, but I never got to know her that well. Mark said that she is just like me when we drink. Scary, I know. Of course, I loved it and had so much fun. Mike said that with kids in football, baseball, softball, and cheer, it is definitely the cheer parents who know how to party! I would agree. From monthly happy hour gatherings to Casino night, this gym is definitely social!

Afterward, we went to Primetime. We went there to help Jason (one of Morgan's coaches) celebrate his birthday. Somehow, we didn't see Mark and some other people from the gym. Oops. Mike said I snored the whole way home. I say it is a payback for every night he is here (which despite what he says is only around 8 - 10 nights a month. He will try to sell you on this only gone 10 nights a month stuff but just know I am right).

By the way, if anyone wants to sponsor Morgan, please email me!!!

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  1. That Polar watch sounds awesome! I have an Olllllld school polar HR monitor that is probably 7 or 8 years old, but it's still working! I love getting workout clothes and gadgets!!