Friday, October 26, 2007

Booth Set up Day

Friday was all about getting the booth ready for the AAP Digital Office of the Future exhibit. Krishan and I were still in mad prepare mode, so we spent most of the day working on the database to make sure it was exactly as we wanted. Mark and Lisa ended up making a trip across San Fran to get some of our stuff that hadn't made it yet. Lisa had to ride for over 2 hours with her feet on the dashboard because the car was completely full. She took some great pictures that are on

Krishan and I went to the booth in the afternoon with many computers in tow. We have a bit of a panic attack as the booth is not even remotely close to being ready to test with computers. However, the first Microsoft representatives are there so we go through the quiz. We were super proud of our configuration of the Kiosk functionality to capture the Internet Safety Quiz information. I am not sure that everyone really got to understand that at the show, but it is pretty cool that we could easily change the kiosk to be this quiz instead of a patient intake session. Of course, there were a few issues with it (like people not realizing that they needed to scroll down) that we fixed along the way.

We are very hungry by 8 or so and the booth still isn't ready for testing. So, we go eat across the street at Chevy's. It was pretty good, but they forgot Dr. Alexander's dinner!!!! We went back to the Microsoft booth after dinner to make sure that the kiosk quiz was working well with the computers. Worked perfectly! This turned out to be the smartest decision of the trip because the next morning was complete chaos. :) We got to work with Pete, Tiffany, and Adrianne at the the Microsoft booth. They were wonderful to work with, and we really enjoyed talking to them. Unfortunately, they had to deal with some doctors who were less than honest and tried to scam them for extra copies of Vista. They were kind enough to give away Vista Ultimate to the doctors who received some internet safety education.

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