Thursday, November 1, 2007

Saturday Night - THE Halloween Party

Our feet are killing us as we walk out of the convention center. Nothing like a good trade show to make the dogs hurt. I feel a little badly as we are splitting with our Bondites to go to the McFall-Sorenson Halloween Bash. I am so excited that I quickly forget this anxiety. We walk back to the Pickwick Hotel (only about 2 blocks), and we decide to change into the costumes BEFORE leaving for Bart. We do decide that maybe the wigs are a bit much, so we take those. After packing half of my suitcase and an outfit of Mark's into my computer bag, we leave the hotel for our adventure. Mike has told us to take the Pittsburgh Train to the Walnut Creek station. From there, we will take a cab. Hmmm...first step, where is the BART station? We ask the bellman. He tells us to go right for one block and to look for escalators. Sounds easy enough.

Immediately, I am wishing that I hadn't worn the costume. I feel very dorky. But, we must persevere for a party. We find the escalator (Mark drools over some very weird looking stuff at street vendor tables - I am thinking he is just a little too into this hippie thing). We look it up and find out that the BART is $4.25 each way. So, Mark puts $10 into the machine and gets an $8.50 ticket. We are so proud. Then, this weird couple starts making these weird sexual comments, and I tell Mark to give them some change so they will leave us alone. I am so relieves when they leave. I am wondering if we are the first people to dress as we are while pulling a nice computer case on wheels behind us. :) So, we put the ticket in the turn style machine. Denied! So, we try again. Denied! Please see cashier. Defeated, we walk to the booth. She laughs at us for trying to use one ticket for two people. Oops. I wanted to tell her that we use cars every day, but I just apologized instead. So, she is actually very nice and gives us some written pass to use. Crisis averted. Next!

We go downstairs to get on the train. We keep laughing as people keep asking us if we are going to a Halloween party. If? IF? Too funny. All of the sudden they are saying all of these weird things like 4 car train for Millbrae in 4 minutes. 4 car train for Fremont is 7 minutes. Never do they say Pittsburgh. Never do I see a sign for Pittsburgh. I am starting to freak a little. So, I see a girl with a year's worth of eye liner on, and I ask her. She says she is also waiting for the Pittsburgh train and that it will be coming in 14 minutes. Not exactly what I wanted to hear (the 14 min), but I am happy to know we are in the right place. Finally, the train arrives. We rush on (apparently for no reason as the 10 car train had plenty of room). We sit and enjoy the ride. It is actually pretty cool, and we enjoy eavesdropping on these teenagers who are sitting near us. Mark says that he is glad that I didn't have BART as a teen. I have NO idea what in the world he is talking about as I have ALWAYS been an angel. OK, OK, maybe not ALWAYS. (don't want lightning to strike). I do laugh as this girl says, "My mom thinks she understands me but she has NO idea." Ok, that MIGHT have been something I would have said as a teen (definitely not as an adult. Funny how much you realize how great your parents as you grow up).

We get off the BART and look for the exit. We follow this obvious pro down an elevator. Whew. Cabs. We MADE IT! :) We get a very, very cool cab driver who takes us to Mike and Debs. We are looking for their house in the dark. We pull into the driveway, and Mike comes running out in his full pirate outfit. The cab driver says, "I think we found it!"

The house looks amazing. Deb has done a fabulous job decorating. There are cobwebs, scary people hanging, and even an fog machine!!! Of course, the girls wanted the fog machine to run all the time, and the boys wanted it to only run every few minutes. Hee Hee...I got to see the "elbow spot" where Mike broke his elbow. His friends are very cool. Greg and Lisa remember me from my trip there long ago (although Lisa keeps saying that I wore a plaid dress last time - surely not). They are just as much fun as I remembered. I met lots of people that I hear about all the time - some of whom I had met and some of whom I had not. There was a salt and pepper couple, bat woman (Tracy who I had met in San Diego), a Lincoln Navigator, a friend you can count on (a shirt with numbers on it), legos (they actually fit together!), male and female pirates, a doctor and nurse, and many more! They had a very cool game where you had to guess the drink. I loved it a bit too much (well at least that is what my head said the next day). The food was awesome. They even had mini burgers with a bottle of catsup, mustard, and mayo all mixed into one bottle! Smart! They had shrimp, sushi, hummus, sausage, and other yummy things. Once the music started, it was even more fun. I kept trying to get Mike to do the moonwalk. He wouldn't even do it. He did do some fun moves though. I had a great time hearing everyone talk about Mark and how much he looks like Mike. Way too cool. Thanks Mike and Deb!!!

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