Friday, November 2, 2007


We had visitors in the office today, so I didn't feel comfortable wearing my hippie outfit. I brought it to work, but I didn't ever put it on. However, there were several great costumes at work. It is fun to see everyone get into a holiday and have fun.

After work, I rushed out of the office so I could take Morgan trick or treating. The gym was closed, so she rode the bus home (Mike was there). She wore her Samantha gown to school for the book character, but she decided to be a cheerleader with her friends Victoria and Alexis for trick or treating. Mike brought Morgan to me since traffic was awful, and he went to Brandon to see the kids. We went through two neighborhoods with a huge group. It was a lot of fun to have so many people to go with.

Morgan got 140 pieces of candy AND a stuffed animal. Several people gave out full size or even KING size candy. Who does such a thing? Morgan thought it was awesome. My mom said that next year we could take all of Morgan's millions of stuffed animals and hand them out. Not a bad idea at all...

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