Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holy Football!!!

We started the day eating breakfast at the Caribe Cafe at the Mirage. I had a "beater omelet" again. It was great but the service was very slow. When it was over, we headed to the sports book bar. It is football nirvana. All of the screens to watch the action and then a huge wall with all the odds and scores. They had horseracing stuff too, but we weren't interested in that. It seems to me that during football season they would use that space for football. :)

So, we are watching my beloved Vols play. All is well, and they are up by 14 already. Wonderful. Well, as the game went on, it got closer and closer and closer. The game eventually tied and went to FOUR overtimes before the Vols won!!! In fact, Tennesseee had to block a field goal to keep in it. SOOO close. Poor Morgan was waiting to go to the M&M World and the game took forever. Thankfully, Grams took her to the Secret Garden. Then, we walked to the M&M place. I was surprised how long it was, but Morgan did a great hob. She got so many M&M.

Then, we went to eat at Kokomo's Steak and Seafood Restaurant. It was very good. I had a steak with cajun sauce and spicy shrimp on it. It was very yummy - even though it was expensive. All of the restaurants in Vegas were pretty expensive. I have always heard about the cheap buffets there, so I am not sure if we just went to nicer places or if those aren't around now.

As if my heart hadn't had enough excitement, we then went to the Craps table. Mike was being the Crabby Daddy and missed the first guy. It was an amazing roll, and Papa, Mikeo, and I all did well. Then, Papa gave Mike G lessons on Craps. I think we should start the Papa School of Craps. :) He is a very good teacher. Unfortunately, Mike was getting the table loaded and then they would roll a 7 - every time. Then, we went to a different table. This one wasn't as long as the first guy, but there were 3 people who had pretty good rolls. I missed one of them as I was worried about losing what I had won.

We didn't hit the bed until 4:15am, and we had to meet Grams, Papa, Uncle Mark, and Morgan at 5:45. Ugh - I hate early flights. What a great, fantastic, wonderful trip and birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

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