Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vegas Baby!!

We arrived at the airport with 2 hours until the flight as the media was saying it was crazy busy everywhere. We had to park in overflow parking, but the rest of the airport was a breeze. Mike ignored us most of the time on the flight with his noise cancelling headphones. Morgan was pretty good. They had a contest to see who could find the most quarters in their possession that covered the most states that Southwest flew. Morgan and I knew this was our contest (my purse always has a ton of change in it). So, we found 25 different states and 16 of them were covered by Southwest service. Morgan got a big bag of pretzels, and I got a drink coupon. Mike also got two of the trivia questions right and got free drinks. It was a 5 hour flight, but it wasn't too bad. They also sang Happy Birthday at Mike's request (he then missed the singing as he had his headphones on). :)

We arrived at the Mirage, and it is very nice. We had a great Italian dinner at Onda (Veal Saltimbucca has to be a LOT of flex points but it was really good. We got our craps lesson from Larry the Master, but we lost a little money. Then, Mike, Mark, Mike, and I went to grab a drink. Mike and Mark went to bed, but we played some Roulette and Craps. Mike wanted to go to bed, but I talked him into staying. We both ended up ahead. :)

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