Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 1 of the new release

Woo Hoo!!! The release is out and it went fairly smoothly. We had a couple of issues, but nothing earth shattering yet. (Knock, Knock on that wood) :) I went running in the morning and did week 5#2, and I didn't eat breakfast as I knew we were having our Thanksgiving lunch at 12. We didn't end up starting until 1, and I was SOOOOO hungry. Anyway, I think I did pretty well. Morgan had double cheer practice last night, so we didn't get home until late. Of course, we hadn't packed (when will I learn from my mother?), so I was up late last night packing. Of course, Morgan couldn't find her ipod, any underwear, or her book she is reading. Finally, I found all three (of course that was after me getting angry and her crying - oh the joys of motherhood). I think I got 3 I hate you's last night. That is by far a new record. I am trying to get used to it as I am sure there will be more as we move into the double digit years.

We also had our birthday celebration today at work. I have gotten several "late thirties" comments. At least I have added to my life in time and quality by stopping smoking and losing weight.

Tomorrow, we are off to VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!

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