Thursday, November 1, 2007

Black Sunday

I am pretty sure that someone beat me over the head with a bag of rocks. Ok, OK, maybe it was the rum I drank. Ouch. That hurts. Do I really have to work a booth today? Oh the stupid moves I make. Mike is way too cheerful as he says it is time to go. He is driving us to the city. He tries to push his crazy California energy drink on me, but I stay strong and just have water and diet coke. I had forgotten how pretty the view is from their house. The picture above is from their backyard. Wow.

We get to the city, and Mike lets Mark and I go upstairs to put our stuff away. We get Miguel (Krishan is too busy talking to India to pay us any attention). We go to the Marriott to eat breakfast. I am so hungover that I don't even care about points. I just want food, water, and diet coke. Food, water, and diet coke. I have taken Advil. It is helping, but it isn't helping enough. I have eggs, bacon (wow this is good bacon), a little bit of grease also known as hashbrowns, and some of an english muffin. YUM. Hits the spot. Feeling a little better. OK, standing ruined the getting better part. Oh well. Lisa and some masked man with a phone attached to his ear joined us briefly downstairs as we were leaving. We walked the 2 blocks back to the good ol Pickwick.

I still need to shower, so Mark, Krishan, and Miguel head to the convention center with Mike. I decide that maybe a shower will help. While it does feel good to brush my teeth and shower, I still feel awful. Oh well, no time for whiners. So, I get dressed in the oh so cute Bond sweater and head to the trade show (I am so thankful that Lisa didn't make me wear the black dress). We get to show Mike around the booth. He likes it. :)

I must have explained 100 times during the day why Microsoft is on the booth. Microsoft sponsored the Digital Medical Office of the Future so that they can promote internet safety. They want pediatritions to talk to their patients and their parents about internet safety. The statistics they cited were pretty scary. Way too many kids give their information away online in chats and websites. I have talked to the kids about this often, but it was a great reminder to stay on it. Why in the world did they make the exhibit hall stay open for 8 hours? I am pretty sure that it is cruelty to humans. :) The day is amazing though, and we have a ton of fun showing off Clinician and all the futuristic gizmos. Krishan liked the microscope for telemedicine the best. I liked the SureSight the best. Many people liked the vein viewer the best. I heard a lot of doctors who were amazed by the Dragon Naturally Speaking. Very cool.

That night, Mark took Lisa to the airport, and Travis, Krishan, and I went to dinner with Microsoft. They were very cool, and we had a great time. I love meeting cool people.

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