Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday in Vegas

We started out the morning by having breakfast with the family. Morgan was invited to go to Zachery's soccer game to play with Hannah, so we went to get a quick breakfast. I was somewhat good by having a bagel with a very small about of butter. Morgan had her chocolate fix by having hot chocolate and pancakes with chocolate chips. Mike had a "One of a Kind" which was one egg, one piece of meat, half an order of hash browns" (I thought it was a cute name).

Morgan left to go to the game, so Grams got everyone organized to go on a casino tour. We went to the Venetian (the only place I had really seen other than New York, New York) where I stayed when I came to Vegas the first time for the Misys User Conference. The Venetian was beautiful, and it is truly amazing to look up at that ceiling. We walked through the shops there, and we found some pretty barrettes for the girls (including some combs for me). :) Mark got an amazing picture of himself on a hunk of a body. I think that would be a great franchise in Tampa.

Then, we walked on to the Wynn hotel. It was fun to walk up and over the bridges. The Wynn was very pretty and had a great waterfall. It is so fun to see how different all of the hotels are. On the walk back, Deb, Mark, Mike, and I went to go get Oxygen at the Oxygen bar. It supposedly makes you feel refreshed and energized. So, we are told it is a 15 minute wait. About 40 minutes later, we finally sit down (Mike was rather angry and was sure that they were taking people before us). The girls there are so hyper that it is a little annoying, but they are having fun. Basically, you hook a nasal cannula in your nose, and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It is supposed to be for 15 minutes, but we were on for 30. While you are connected, they give you a back massage, a neck massage, and a head massage. They also give you some fragrant stuff to rub on your neck and to breathe in (eucalyptus and peppermint). It clears your sinuses and makes your neck all tingly. The massage was great, but there wasn't any space between my back and the massaging girls front. A little too close for me, but I wasn't going to tell her to stop the massage. :) The head massage thing was awesome. They also had a little tens unit that is shaped like a mouse. It felt so good that Mike and I got one. We also did the "power shot" drink that is to give you energy for 6 hours. I am not sure if it was psychological or not, but I did feel better afterwards.

When we are in the room before dinner, Mike gives me a birthday present. While we were shopping, we went to a glass store. It is a beautiful bracelet with glass ornaments and cats! It is so pretty and fun. It also jingles nicely when rolling the craps dice. :)

I played a little craps and roulette in the afternoon, and Morgan came back from the game. Seems like she had a wonderful time. For dinner, we ate at Stacks. The dinner was very, very good, but the menu was very limited and very expensive. I had the "pre show special" which was an appetizer (hot rocks sirloin), a petite fillet, and chocolate cake (not sure how many flex points this is so I am counting it as none - hee hee). I also had a little asparagus, green beans, broccoli, spinach, and a tiny taste of potato). On my dessert plate, they wrote Happy Birthday Amy in chocolate on the plate. It was impressive and tasty. :)

After dinner, we went to see "O" (the Cirque du Soleil show). We had AMAZING seats as we were in the very center in the lowest section seven rows from the floor (103 row G). I don't think you could have gotten a better seat. Thanks PAPA and GRAMS! The show was amazing. The divers were incredible with their twisting flips into a very narrow area of a pool. The acrobats were so flexible that it made me hurt. The music and the costumes were out of this world. Morgan was loving it, but she started to fall asleep at the very end. Poor thing, she was so tired. She did love the show though. She was a pain in the butt walking back to the hotel, and then she apparently did not go to sleep for a while after Grams took her to the room.

When we got back, Mike and I wandered around looking for something to play. The roulette tables didn't seem to be hitting my numbers or to be on a color streak. We tried to get into a craps table, but it was too full (this jerk wouldn't move over to let us in and then this Chinese family had 2 people playing but took up the whole end of the table with spectators). We then stood there cussing because this one guy rolled for over an hour. Ugh. Mike then sees Papa and Mark playing, so we head over there. We hit it just in time and we both did very well. Papa had a smile, and we know that is good. One time during one of the rolls, Mark said "come on 8, Mark needs a new pair of shoes." I cracked up and wondered how many people heard that and thought he was gay. We played craps until around 2, and it was a great day and night.

The best line of the day. Mike was talking about how we all came to Vegas because I quit smoking, and then he said, "I keep trying to think of other things she can quit doing so that we can come back to Vegas!!!"

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